CSWD to raise tip fee at recycling facility

The facts On May 1, 2018, CSWD will raise the recycling tip fee at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The tip fee is the rate haulers pay to drop off large loads of recycling, which the MRF machinery and workers sort and bale into marketable commodities streams (see What are tip fees? for more detail). The new tip fee will be: $25 per ton for recycling collected within Chittenden County…

The Plastic Quiz

Quick: How many types of plastic are there? Sorry! You’re (probably) wrong. The answer is, not even Professor Plastics knows that answer! What’s more, not all plastics are created equal. Some can be recycled. Others belong in the trash. Do you know what to do with the common plastic items in this quiz when they reach the end of their lifespan?

Holiday Recycling Quiz

A collage of holiday items.

Do you know what to do with these common holiday items? Which ones belong in the recycling bin – and which ones don’t? Take this quiz to find out!

Higher Ground and Seaway Car Wash use CSWD funding to fight waste

Andrew Champagne was skeptical about changing the way Higher Ground handled trash and recycling. He’s an event logistics wrangler who handles concerts produced by Higher Ground but staged elsewhere, such as Shelburne Museum and the Burlington Waterfront. But the old system wasn’t working well: They were using opaque carts for trash and recyclables, and attendees weren’t using them correctly. They didn’t seem to consider that trash and recyclables go in…

Which of these common event items can you recycle?

These are common items at events, but whether you’re at home, work, school, or an event, the same rules apply. Let’s check your recycling credentials. Which of these items can go in the recycling bin? Straws Napkins Plastic utensils Metal utensils Paper or Styrofoam cups Plastic cups How many did you choose? Let’s double-check your answers …  Straws: No. They don’t fit the size minimum. Sure, they’re long, but they have…

For students in Milton, sorting school trash is a rite of passage

On a balmy spring day in the middle of May, a group of students gathered excitedly on the lawn at Milton High School. Though they were standing just a stone’s throw away from Duke’s Creemees, no one made a move for the Moose Tracks. Instead, they donned rubber gloves…and promptly dumped an entire day’s worth of their own waste onto the lawn. No, this wasn’t a case of disgruntled student…

CSWD talks food waste & recycling on VPR

A green sticker with a white apple core and the words "food scraps"

Michele Morris, our Director of Outreach & Communications, sat down with Jane Lindholm at VPR (along with Josh Kelly from Vermont ANR) to talk about food scraps. By 2020, all food scraps in Vermont will be banned from the landfill by the Universal Recycling & Composting Law (Act 148). Here are some highlights: As of July 1, 2017, anyone who produces 18 tons of food scraps per year (that’s 2-3…

Watch: Recycle the Box!

We recently added some new items to the blue bin recycling list in Chittenden County. To highlight two of the newly recyclable items—pizza boxes with some grease, and frozen food boxes—we created two 15-second videos to let the public know. Watch them here:

BUSTED: Blue bin mishaps

Recycling bin loaded with mixed recyclables.

We’ve all been there, standing at a recycling bin, wondering whether what we’re holding is recyclable or not. “Oh well,” you might have heard yourself saying. “I’ll toss it in and they’ll sort it out.” We call this “wish-cycling,” and it’s a big no-no. It can result in facility shutdowns, contamination of true recyclables, and can even injure the folks whose job it is to sort your recyclables at our…

Good news: Now you can recycle more stuff!

Cardboard boxes from Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals

Looking ahead into our 30th year as an organization, and armed with a new General Manager, we’ve been gazing into our crystal recycling bin to see if there’s any way to include more types of material. Not only do we have to make sure that there are viable recycling markets for whatever we accept, but we also have to make sure we can process it at our Materials Recovery Facility. We…