The Money in Recycling Has Vanished; What Do States, Cities Do Now?

This is a repost, with permission, of an article originally published on Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts. With great fanfare and promises of a new era of recycling in Alabama’s capital, officials from Montgomery and from a Florida company called Infinitus opened a state-of-the-art mixed waste and material recovery plant in April 2014. The plant created over a hundred jobs and allowed Montgomery residents to put their […]

CSWD Responds to VPR recycling story

A woman holds a blue bin full of recyclables

UPDATE 5/19/16: Listen to CSWD General Tom Moreau’s response on VPR’s Morning Edition with Mitch Wertlieb: Chittenden County Says Preparation Is Key To Keep Recycling Despite Low Commodity Prices The recent VPR story on recycling in the Windham Solid Waste Management District in Brattleboro (As Universal Recycling Ramps Up, Low Commodity Prices Strain Vt. Waste Districts, 5/10/16) leaves an incomplete picture of the state of recycling in Vermont, and also […]

Recycling fee increase – and what it means for you

This is an extended version of a story that originally appeared in the CSWD NewsFlash, our monthly newsletter. Get our news first by signing up to receive the NewsFlash on our homepage or on the NewsFlash Archives page.   On July 1, 2015, CSWD will raise its recycling “tip fee” at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The tip fee is what we charge large trash & recycling haulers when they […]

How one metal can shut down an entire recycling facility

hazmat aerosol can small

Here’s what happened yesterday when someone tossed a small container of household hazardous waste into their recycling bin: 42 recycling facility staffers had to be evacuated from the recycling facility 25 staffers experienced symptoms including watery eyes, vomiting, and trouble breathing 13 staffers were taken to the UVM Medical Center 6 different local and state emergency response teams were involved in managing the incident The entire facility was shut down […]

Chemical release temporarily shuts down CSWD’s recycling facility

CSWD’s Materials Recovery Facility was closed Tuesday afternoon due to the release of what is presumed to be a household pesticide from an aerosol can that had been deposited in a recycling container and brought to the MRF. CSWD is awaiting tests to confirm the substance type. UPDATE: The substance was bear repellant, according to Vermont Emergency Management (as reported by WPTZ). “We are relieved to report that no one […]

It’s What We Do Here

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All of us at CSWD are proud to serve the residents and businesses of Chittenden County. It feels good to be part of a supportive community of creative, intelligent people who are committed to each other and the land we live on. Since 1987, we’ve been leading the state – and often, the country – in finding innovative solutions to reducing the amount of resources that go to waste in […]

This box WISHES it could be recycled. Here’s why it can’t…

NO recycling

If you pay attention to packaging material as much as we do, you’ll notice that A LOT OF STUFF has the recycling symbol on it. This box of DiGiorno pizza below even tells you to “Please recycle this carton”! So obviously, you should throw it in your blue bin – right?? WRONG. If you live in Chittenden County, this box (and other freezer / refrigerator packaging) should go in your […]

Don’t Toss Your Packing Peanuts & Pillows!

If ever there was a “season of shipping,” this is it! Your local “pack-n-ship” shop (and some other local businesses) can likely reuse the packing pillows and bubble wrap that’s coming your way – like this batch from CSWD’s offices! Check out local drop-off options on our Packaging Reuse page here. Note: it’s always a good idea to call beforehand. If reuse won’t work, you can include deflated packing pillows […]

10 eco-alternatives to wrapping paper


Research has shown that, when it comes to generating happiness, experiences count more than things. But if you’re determined to give physical objects as gifts during the holidays (or anytime, really), Green Overdose put together 10 great reuse-friendly ways to wrap them up. So you can let that special someone know that you care about them – AND the rest of the world, too! 1. Paper bags   2. Newspapers […]

PaintCare Vermont: Off to a good start!

  A program update from the October 2014 PaintCare Vermont newsletter:   Since starting in May 2014, the Vermont Paint Stewardship Program has collected and recycled nearly 65,000 gallons of leftover paint from residents and businesses. This volume is a direct result of Vermonters embracing the PaintCare Program and a reflection of their support for the environment and product stewardship programs. At nearly six months, PaintCare sites have collected 50 […]