Be a Zero Hero: How to Plan a Zero Waste Event

Did you throw (or attend) an event with great compost and recycling? Tell us about it!  Tweet to @cswdvt   So, you’re throwing a party. Awesome! The weather is going to be great, everyone is going to get there on time, and your mother-in-law is even going to tell you what an incredible cook / joke teller / frisbee thrower you are. There will be laughter and fun and people … Continued

CSWD Congratulates Colchester Schools on State Grant

State awards $11,250 Grant to UVM to support school recycling and composting programs. The Agency of Natural Resources, DEC Solid Waste Program awarded the grant to the University of Vermont for work with schools in the Rutland and Colchester regions as part of a larger statewide program that granted $45,000 to four nonprofit groups. Each grant requires the grantee to develop and launch school-wide recycling and composting programs in at … Continued

Spring C&D Tips for Green Builders, Landscapers and DIYers

clean wood

Maybe you’ve found a pile of bricks in your yard after the four foot high snow bank covering it melted. Perhaps you’re looking at your home and thinking “this year I’m going to replace that porch.”

Whatever it is you’re doing with building materials this spring, do it right…Continued

Boat Wrap Recycling at Point Bay Marina

boat wrap

It’s spring. Finally. But will it be face-bitingly cold tomorrow or balmy enough to think about unwrapping your boat for the season?
Reliable weather has been in short supply this year, but here’s one thing we can rely on: Point Bay Marina in Charlotte is the high tide that lifts all boats when it comes to recycling boat wrap…Continued

Scrap Metal: a Recycling Opportunity

Many of us think of guitar strings, bent nails, or strands of burnt-out Christmas lights as trash. Of course, there’s more you could do with all that metal. You could, for example, make a charming little owl out of your scrap. Other reuse ideas abound on the web…or you could recycle all those little bits of metal. Just because a product or material can’t be recycled in your blue bin doesn’t always mean it can’t be recycled at all.

At each CSWD Drop-Off Center, we have a scrap-metal bin where you can toss items made mostly of metal for recycling. It’s free! Continued…

What to do with items banned from landfills.


In Chittenden County, we have a list of items and categories of materials that are banned from the landfill.

For an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of items banned from landfills, visit our A-Z List. This list also includes many ways to reuse, recycle or otherwise divert more items from the landfill and make sure they aren’t wasted. Consult the A-Z List or call our Waste Reduction Hotline (802-872-8111) before tossing anything that might be hazardous, reusable, or recyclable into the trash.

Borrow a recycling bin or composting tote for your next shindig!


Recycling — and composting — happen everywhere these days: at home, at work, at school, and at events. For your next shindig, borrow a recycling or composting receptacle from our fleet of bins and carts, and you’ll see a lot less trash at the end of your event. It’s easy: Just sign up to borrow a bin online and we’ll provide plastic liner bags and tips for making sure your … Continued

Paint Recycling Bill Passes the Vermont Legislature

Vermont could gain financial benefits of $600,000 annually on the collection and management of roughly 160,000 gallons of leftover paint every year. This cost typically represents half of municipal Household Hazardous Waste budgets. CSWD supports passage of H. 262: an act relating to establishing a program for the collection and recycling of paint. This product stewardship bill reduces the role of government in paint collection and recycling and reduces the … Continued

The Recycling Was Blowin’ in the Wind….

Recent wild and windy weather has us thinking about all the plastic bottles and paper that go flying out of blue bins when we have a blustery day. We know you take the time to put the recycling into the bin and out on the curb because you want those materials to be recycled — and not littering the landscape. Here are a couple of tips for keeping those resources … Continued