School’s out, but that doesn’t mean 3-rs-kids-smyou have to stop learning about the 3 Rs!

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

CSWD offers lots of games, skits, songs and other activities to enliven your summer program and teach kids about how to manage their own waste footprint. Whether you’re a daycare staffer, camp leader, scout troop mentor or just a parent with a bunch of bored neighborhood kids, we want to hear from you!Rhonda with worm hat

Schools and Youth Outreach Coordinator Rhonda Mace will lead your camp, troop or other youth group in learning about the bugs, microbes and worms that help us make compost.  Let your imagination run wild and call or email the CSWD School Outreach Coordinator to start planning a great summer program. Follow our summer adventures all season long on our Schools and Youth Facebook page, where you can also share your own adventures, questions and tips with the community.

So, what can we do for your group?

Tours: See what happens to what you throw away firsthand at our recycling sort facility, our compost-making operation and at one of our Drop-Off


Centers, where items that are going to a variety of places are collected and sent on their way.

Build a mini landfill (K-25): Using old milk jugs, cans, paper, dirt, and a few other household items, we can build “mini landfills” and monitor what happens to our waste when it’s placed in the trash can.

Paper making: (all ages) Collect old newspaper, drawing paper, and junk mail. Learn about how recycling works and then make some homemade paper out of your paper scraps.

Reuse art (all ages): CSWD will provide some materials and camps are encouraged to collect their own (such as old CDs, tree ornaments, and broken umbrellas). Kids spend an hour creating scenes, sculptures, or whatever else their imaginations conjure, and then we discuss their creations.

Build an on-site compost pile (grade 5 and up): We’ll find a good space, collect materials, and build a compost pile. During construction we’ll talk about what composting is and how to get the recipe just right. Then campers can use the pile all summer and we can take temperature readings, turn the piles, and talk about bugs!

Movie screenings (grade 5 and up): CSWD offers several movies that talk about reducing, reusing, and recycling. We’ll help set up a screening for your camp and have a discussion afterwards. These screenings may take two days, depending on time. Movies include Trashed, Bag It, and Dirt! The Movie.

compost-kidsYour idea here: We’ll help you design an activity or presentation that fits your group’s needs. Free downloadable activities, links to videos and other media are available as well on our Learning Tools Page.

Technical assistance to help you recycle and compost better.

CSWD provides an array of expertise, programs, and information to help summer programs improve their sustainability efforts.

Sustainability assessment: CSWD can help programs interested in improving their current trash, recycling, and composting programs by conducting a waste audit that can result in facility-wide improvements.

Recycling and compost bins: Summer programs in Chittenden County are eligible to receive FREE recycling and compost bins. Just ask!

Posters: Customizable and available to Chittenden County summer programs FREE of charge to help promote recycling, composting, and land-filling responsibly.

Educational tabling: CSWD can set up a table at your meeting, convention, or farmer’s market and provide resources to improve composting and recycling at your event.

Staff training: Need a refresher on what’s recyclable and compostable? CSWD can provide training for camp staff so they can set good examples for kids as they improve their own sustainability efforts.

Want more information?

Contact Rhonda Mace at (802) 872-8100 ext. 211 or use the form below to send an email.

  • Please tell us more about your program and the types of activities or information you are interested in.