Anyone living or conducting business in Chittenden County has many recycling options available.

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Blue Bin Recycling

In Chittenden County, certain materials [see Mandatory (Blue Bin) Recyclables below] are banned from landfill disposal and are required to be recycled. For these “blue bin recyclable” materials, we operate a single-stream (also called all-in-one, co-mingled, no-sort or Zero-Sort®) recycling system. This means that these materials can be placed together in the same bin for curbside pickup by a hauling company or for drop-off at any of CSWD’s 7 Drop-Off Centers.

Most blue bin recyclables in the county go through the CSWD Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where they are separated and processed for resale through a combination of high-tech machinery and human sorters. Although the materials do not need to be pre-sorted, they do need to be clean, dry, and prepared for efficient processing at the MRF. See more about preparation required in the table below.

CSWD provides up to 3 free recycling bins for all Chittenden County residents and one free bin per employee (up to 50) for businesses. See our recycling bins page for more info.

Recycling Other Items

Many items that can’t go in your blue bin can be recycled locally, often for free. Go to our A-Z List for specific disposal options for just about anything.

Mandatory (Blue Bin) Recyclables

The CSWD Solid Waste Management Ordinance requires that every resident, business and institution in Chittenden County properly prepare and separate these items from the trash for recycling. Do not put any recyclables in plastic bags except shredded paper (in clear plastic bags).

All of these items can go together in your blue bin:


All items must be minimum 2" on any side. Maximum 2' on any one side. All containers should be rinsed clean.
Item or MaterialExamples/DescriptionPreparation
glass bottles and jarsfood and beverage containers only, no light bulbs, dishes, Pyrex, drinking glasses, window panes, or ceramicsrinse clean. remove lids; recycle plastic lids over 2" in diameter; discard smaller plastic lids. recycle metal lids as scrap metal at a CSWD drop-off center. Neck rings and labels ok.
metal cansfood and beverage cans only - no bottle caps or household scrap metalrinse; put lids inside cans
aerosol cansmust be empty; do not punctureput caps in trash
aluminumrinsed cans, foil, and pie plates; no stuck-on foodrinse clean.
rigid plastic containers & plastic bottlesBottles, jugs & trays for foods, beverages, beauty, and cleaning products & detergents; dairy tubs (yogurt, sour cream, etc.), 5-gallon pails, take-out containers, flower pots and trays, CD & cassette tape cases.

NO automotive fluid or hazardous waste bottles. Visit this page for disposal of these items.
Rinse clean. Labels OK. Put bottle caps under 2" in trash.

Mixed Paper

All mixed paper should be kept clean & dry. Please take weather and other circumstances into consideration when preparing paper items for collection or storage.
Item or MaterialExamples/DescriptionPreparation
newspaperall sections (glossy okay)remove plastic; do not tie with string; must be kept clean and dry
magazines, catalogs, soft-cover books and glossy paperglossy paper, glue- or staple-bound publications, paperback books, phone books, brochures, flyers etc.remove any plastic; do not tie with string; must be kept clean and dry
white & colored paperpaper, letterhead, copy paper, file folders, index cards, brochures, construction paper, wrapping paper & gift cardsremove paper clips, no NCR (no carbon required) paper - staples okay; must be kept clean and dry
envelopes and opened mailenvelopes with windows okayremove any non-paper items (plastic cards, stickers, etc.); must be kept clean and dry
paper bagsany colorremove plastic or twine handles; must be kept clean and dry
boxboardcereal boxes, 6- and 12-pack beverage carriers, shoe boxes, paper egg cartons, tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper coresno milk or juice cartons, drink boxes, detergent boxes, or boxes from the refrigerator or freezer (except paper egg cartons or 6- and 12-pack beverage carriers); must be kept clean and dry
corrugated cardboardany boxes with a wavy center sectionFlatten and cut to 2 feet by 2 feet for curbside collection. Up to one cubic yard accepted at no charge at CSWD Drop-Off Centers), up to 4 feet by 4 feet in size; must be kept clean and dry
shredded paperconfidential documentsMust be contained in a CLEAR plastic bag.

Items Banned from Trash Disposal

The CSWD Ordinance requires that all residents and businesses separate the following items from their landfill-bound trash for proper disposal. Violators are subject to fines of up to $500 per violation.

CSWD has many convenient ways for businesses and residents to keep these materials out of landfills. Click on the material type to go to the A-Z List for more information on where to dispose of it and if there are any limits or fees. Click on the disposal facility name for location and hours of operation.

Item or MaterialDisposal Options
CSWD Environmental Depot
CSWD Environmental Depot
CLEAN WOOD Myers Recycling Center, OR
Wood & Yard Waste Depot at McNeil Generating Station, OR
CSWD Drop-Off Centers (except Burlington and Hinesburg), OR
ReSource Building Materials Reuse Center
CSWD Environmental Depot
Curbside pickup (Public Works in Burlington; private haulers elsewhere)
REGULATED MEDICAL WASTE (UNTREATED)Refer to listing for disposal details.
CSWD Drop-Off Centers
CSWD Environmental Depot
PAINTCSWD Environmental Depot
TIRESCSWD Drop-Off Centers

recyclingRecycling options


All Chittenden County residents are welcome to bring their recyclables to any CSWD Drop-Off Center.

For curbside pickup, if you live in:

  • Burlington: The Burlington Department of Public Works (802-863-9094) picks up residential recyclables (but not trash).
  • Westford: The Town contracts with a private company to pick up trash and recyclables. Call the Westford Town Office for details: 802-878-4587.
  • All other towns: Contract with a private hauler if you want curbside collection of recyclables and trash at your home.


If you provide trash collection as part of your lease with tenants, you are required to offer recycling collection as well. Contact your hauler if recycling is not part of your pickup, and call CSWD for bins and information.

Recycling information for Burlington landlords.


All businesses must contract with a private hauler for trash and recycling pickup, or haul their trash and recycling themselves.