1 cubic yardTransfer Stations are facilities with commercial scales for weighing large loads of trash & recycling only.

If you have less than 1 cubic yard to dispose of, please see our Drop-Off Center page, or call your hauler.

CSWD does not own or operate these transfer stations.

Chittenden County Transfer Stations

Casella (220 Avenue B, Williston)

Burlington Area (Redmond Rd., Williston)

Transfer stations are designed to accept loads of trash larger than 1 cubic yard (see image above). The trash is consolidated into tractor-trailers and hauled to a lined landfill. CSWD does not own or operate any transfer stations. As of July 1, 2014, transfer stations must accept and separate mandatory recyclables.

Items banned from landfill disposal (other than mandatory recyclables) are not accepted at transfer stations

All loads entering the transfer stations must be covered to minimize the possibility of items flying out of the vehicle. Each vehicle is weighed before and after it is unloaded. Fees are based on weight. Minimum fees apply.

Hours and rates are subject to change. Check with transfer stations for holiday schedules.

Casella Transfer Station


Owned and operated by: Casella Waste Systems
Location: 220 Avenue B, Williston
Fees: $128.05 per ton; $48.66 minimum fee per vehicle (covers up to 760 lbs); cash, local checks, and credit cards accepted.
Hours: Mon – Fri 7:00-4:15; Sat 7:00-12:30
Phone: (802) 864-3615
Web site: http://www.casella.com/dropoff/vt/williston/05495

Burlington Area Transfer Station (located on Redmond Road in Williston)


Owned and operated by: Advanced Disposal
Location: 1496 Redmond Road, Williston
Fees: $120.02 per ton for waste from Chittenden County
Note on loads weighing less than one ton: For loads weighing up to 788 pounds, the rate is $35.00 plus 1.6 cents per pound in taxes (or $35-$48).  For example, a load weighing 500 lbs would cost $43. The $120.02/ton rate applies to loads that weigh over 788 pounds.

Cash, local checks and credit cards are accepted. Extra fees include, but may not be limited to:

  • $14 per mattress/boxspring
  • $25 per tire*
  • $20 per appliance*
  • $20 per computer monitor or “the like”*

*These items are banned from landfill disposal. They can be recycled at the CSWD Williston Drop-Off Center next to this Transfer Station for a much lower fee or in some cases for free.

Hours: Mon – Fri 6:30-4; Sat 8-1
Phone: (802) 878-3506, ext. 26

The Burlington Area Transfer Station has a length limit of 8 feet for all materials. For large, bulky items please call ahead.