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Disposal options

Asbestos and asbestos-containing material (ACM) is not accepted at any CSWD facility. State regulations regarding the removal of ACM depend on the type of material it is.

  • FRIABLE ASBESTOS (crumbly, easily becomes airborne):

Must be handled by an asbestos abatement contractor (see local contractor list below) for safe removal and disposal.


Can be handled by an asbestos abatement contractor* (see chart below) or by the homeowner, following proper removal procedures (see links & contact info below for more information). For self-removal, some local trash & recycling haulers can deliver an approved asbestos container to your home and manage the landfill disposal.

May be disposed of directly in the Coventry Landfill in Coventry, VT. An appointment is required with 24 hours notice. Not accepted on weekends.

*Note: some contractors will accept delivery of asbestos-containing material (ACM). Others will only dispose of material that they have removed themselves.


  • Costs vary depending on the contractor and services. Contact individual contractors or the landfill directly for cost information.

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Learn more about asbestos and proper removal procedures from the Vermont Department of Health (DOH).
  • For any questions related to asbestos removal or legal requirements, call the Vermont DOH asbestos hotline at (800) 439-8550.


Asbestos Abatement Contractors in Chittenden County

Contractor Location Phone
Alderson Environmental, Inc Burlington 660-8899
Mansfield Environmental Essex 878-9975
Environmental Hazards Management Inc Williston 862-4537
Techtron Environmental Essex Junction 878-9776

View the full list of Consultant Contractors & Individual Consultants on the Vermont Department of Health website.



“Asbestos is a health threat to humans. However, asbestos fibers are only dangerous if they are disturbed (such as during building renovation or demolition), which causes fibers to float in the air, allowing them to be easily inhaled. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious lung problems and cancer.

If you think you have been exposed to asbestos call your doctor or other health care practitioner right away. Even if you don’t feel sick, tell your doctor that you might have been exposed to asbestos.”

Vermont Department of Health