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Contact lenses

Disposal options

Recycling Take-Back Program

  • Bausch + Lomb offers a recycling take-back program for any brand of contact lenses. You can place your contact lenses, top foil, and opened plastic blister packs together.
  • Many eye doctors offer drop-off spots for you to bring them in. If yours does not, you can print a free shipping label at BauschRecycles.com. After placing your waste in a sealed cardboard box, you can drop it off at a UPS location or schedule a pickup to ship from home.

Household Trash

  • If you do not participate in the recycling take-back program, they belong in the trash.
  • Contact lenses and the plastic blister packs do not belong in your recycling. Items must be at least two inches on at least two sides, or they will slip through the spaces in our recycling machinery and mix in with other materials.