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Durable plastics

Disposal options

Durable plastics cannot be recycled in Chittenden County.

Depending on the size, durable plastic items must either be placed in your regular trash, or brought to a CSWD Drop-Off Center for disposal.

Durable plastics are those that are designed for long-term use. They are heavy duty plastics often found in coffee makers, toys, telephones, and other small household appliances.



Disposal fees apply. Check with your curbside hauler, or visit the CSWD Drop-Off Center Fee page for more info.

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

Exception: Recycling bins (aka your “Blue Bin”) CAN be recycled, though separately from your regular recyclables. Please bring any broken or damaged blue bins to any CSWD Drop-Off Center and leave it with the Operator for recycling.

For more information, see check out the Plastics Recycling page.