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Lawn equipment



Disposal options

Lawn mowers, grass/hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers are accepted at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers.


  • If equipment is made of at least 80% metal: no charge
  • Plastic mowers and trimmers, such as battery powered and electric: $3-$6
  • Batteries are accepted at no cost

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Gas-powered equipment
    Drain all oil and gasoline, and remove the battery before bringing it to a Drop-Off Center. Drop-Off Centers accept motor oil and filters for disposal, but NOT gasoline or oil and gas mixes. These must go to the Environmental Depot.
  • Battery-powered equipment
    Remove the battery before bringing it to a Drop-Off Center. Batteries can be placed in the appropriate battery disposal area at CSWD Drop-Off Centers. Check operator’s manuals for instructions and safety information before attempting to disassemble the battery housing.


It’s up to the discretion of the DOC operator to determine whether or not an item can be placed in the scrap metal bin for free, or if there’s a charge for disposal. A $5.00 handling fee may be assessed on oversized items if you cannot place it in the appropriate area by yourself.