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Plastic wrap (commercial)

Disposal options

Businesses that generate large amounts of pallet shrink wrap, overwraps and certain plastic bags may be eligible to save money and keep these items out of Vermont’s landfill by instead bringing them in for recycling.

Businesses should contact CSWD’s Business Outreach Coordinator at biz@cswd.net to learn more and to schedule a film approval appointment.

If approval is granted, the material must be collected and transported to the CSWD Williston Drop-Off Center for recycling.


No fee

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Material must be clear (no color) LDPE or LLDPE (#4). All pallet wrap meets this spec; all other material must be verified.
  • Must be clean and dry.
  • Minimal paper labels (less than 5% of area)
  • NO printing allowed on film
  • Must be delivered in clear LDPE or LLDPE (#4) plastic bags, self-tied or knotted



We cannot accept your material without pre-approval.