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It is illegal to dispose of this item in the trash in Chittenden County, VT.

Disposal options

As of July 1, 2015, stumps and other natural wood items are banned from landfill disposal.

  • CLEAN STUMPS are accepted at:
  • DIRTY STUMPS (Stumps contaminated with dirt and/or stones) are accepted at:
    • Parsons Stump Dump, Parsons Rd, Colchester (802-355-5512). 9am-3pm Mon-Fri, please call ahead.
    • Williston Drop-Off Center (fees apply). Note: Large loads are only accepted Monday-Friday.
    • Dirty stumps that are ground/chipped are classified as clean fill (see DIRT & SOIL)


    • Cost at McNeil Wastewood Yard: No fee (any quantity)
    • Cost at CSWD’s Williston Drop-Off Center:
      • up to 6 cubic yards: No fee
      • over 6 cubic yards: $5 per cubic yard
      • large commercial loads: $50 per ton
        Large loads are only accepted Monday-Friday, when the scales are open (they are operated by a neighboring facility).
    • Cost at CSWD’s EssexMilton, Richmond, and South Burlington Drop-Off Centers
      • up to 3 cubic yards: No fee
      • over 3 cubic yards: $10 per cubic yard
    • Cost at Parsons Stump Dump:
      • $6.00 per cubic yard for logs, stumps, brush, etc.
    • Cost at CSWD’s Williston Drop-Off Center:
      • with root ball less than 24″ in diameter: $8 each
      • with root ball over 24″ diameter or more than 1 cubic yard: $80/ton

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Maximum length: 6 ft
  • Maximum diameter: 24 inches
  • Clean stumps must be free of dirt and stones
  • Nails and screws up to 1/4 inches in diameter: OK in any stump
  • No spikes, hinges, or strap steel
  • Customers with loads larger than three cubic yards, or those with dumping mechanisms, must use the Williston Drop-Off Center or the McNeil Wastewood Yard


  • ALL STUMPS (clean & dirty) are banned from landfill disposal as of July 1, 2015
  • A dirty stump cleaned free of dirt and stones meets the clean wood specifications (see also: NATURAL WOOD)

At sites that accept clean stumps, the stumps are ground for use as fuel for electricity, heat, or other beneficial uses. Dirt and stones damage grinders, which is why stumps contaminated with dirt and stones are not accepted at sites that collect clean stumps for grinding.