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Bottle caps

Disposal options

Bottle caps that can be attached back on the bottle (after it has been emptied and rinsed) should be put back on the bottle before recycling.

Beer bottle caps, or any bottle caps made of metal, can be collected and placed in the scrap metal section at any CSWD Drop-Off Center.

Any other bottle cap without a bottle that is not made of metal should be thrown in the trash.


But what about the 2″ rule?

Items that are not at least 2″ in at least two different directions can fall through the machinery in our Materials Recovery Facility, landing in the crushed glass aggregate and sometimes damaging the works.

That’s why caps not attached to bottles should be thrown in the trash. However, caps that are firmly attached back onto the bottle can successfully make it through the machinery at the facility.

Metal lids

Caps under 2″ that are made of metal, like beer bottle caps, should be collected separately from your blue-bin recyclables and placed with scrap metal instead.



Scrap metal

Disposal options

  • All CSWD Drop-Off Centers accept up to 1 cubic yard of scrap metal (or items at least 80% metal) at no charge.
  • Items must be at least 80% metal to qualify for scrap metal recycling at CSWD Drop-Off Centers.

Some common examples of scrap metal items include:

  • caps and lids from jars and bottles
  • bicycles and exercise equipment
  • desks
  • electrical wiring and strings of lights
  • filing cabinets
  • shelving
  • grills
  • lawn furniture
  • screens
  • doors and windows (remove glass panes if possible)
  • nails, nuts, bolts
  • siding and roofing material
  • pots & pans, including metal cookware that is coated with teflon, enamel, or ceramic coating.


  • No charge for scrap metal items at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers
  • There is a fee for major appliances such as boilers, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, etc.
    Search the A-Z list for more information on any particular item.

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Customers are responsible for loading their items into the scrap metal container. If an item is too heavy or bulky to load safely (such as a cast iron tub or riding lawn mower), customers can pay a $5.00 equipment loading fee which allows them to unload the item in a designated staging area for later loading by equipment operators.
  • Please empty engines (e.g. lawn mowers) of oil & gas before bringing them in. Fixed head drums must be free of any sludge residue and have either their heads removed or a one foot hole cut into them.

The following items MAY NOT be placed in the scrap metal container at CSWD Drop-Off Centers:

  • batteries
  • oil filters
  • propane tanks and cylinders
  • tanks of compressed gases (except small helium tanks)
  • electronics


Commercial quantities of scrap metal (as well as smaller loads) are accepted by: