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Clean lumber & pallets

Disposal options

Tree limbs, brush, clean stumps, and pallets and dimensional lumber that has never been painted, glued, stained, or treated are accepted at:


  • At the McNeil Wood Depot (Burlington): No fee.
  • At Williston Drop-Off Center (as of August 1, 2020)
    • No limit per trip
    • Up to 3 cubic yards: No fee
    • $5 per cubic yard for amounts greater than 3 cubic yards
    • Commercial loads: $50/ton
      Commercial loads are only accepted Monday-Friday, when the scales are open (they are operated by a neighboring facility).
  • At Essex and Milton Drop-Off Centers:(as of August 1,2020)
    • Limit: 3 cubic yards per trip
    • Up to 1 cubic yard: No fee
    • $5 per cubic yard for amounts greater than 1 cubic yard

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

Wood Specifications at CSWD Drop-Off Centers:

  • Maximum length: 8 ft
  • No spikes, hinges, strap steel or metal appendages (nails and screws up to 1/4 inches in diameter OK)
  • No pressure-treated wood or plywood
  • Customers with loads larger than three cubic yards, or those with dumping mechanisms, must use the Williston Drop-Off Center, Myers Recycling Center, or the McNeil Wood & Yard Debris Depot


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