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Disposal options

Paper is accepted for recycling at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers and is a mandatory recyclable.

  • consider ways to reduce the amount of paper waste you generate
  • place all office paper, notebook paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, catalogs, magazines, glossy inserts, envelopes and newspapers in your recycling bin or bring them to a Drop-Off Center

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • No wax paper, photographs, coated paper or laminated paper is accepted for recycling.
  • Place any non-coated paper (napkins, paper towels, paper plates) with food or grease on it in a Drop-Off Composting bin at a Drop-Off Center or in your trash. Do not include greasy or food-soiled paper in your recycling.

Wrapping paper

Disposal options

Regular, uncoated wrapping paper (including tissue paper) is accepted in blue bin recycling.

  • No glitter
  • No foil
  • No metallic paper or paper with metallic print
  • No mylar
  • No cellophane
  • No coated paper
  • No ribbons or bows

If wrapping paper has any of the above, it belongs in the trash. If you can’t determine the material, dispose of it with household trash.

Examples of recyclable wrapping paper:

Examples of non-recyclable wrapping paper:

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

Tape can be left on. Remove ribbons and bows for reuse.


To determine if wrapping paper is coated, pinch the edge of the paper and pull it apart slightly. If it stretches, or if you see a plastic or foil layer appear, then it belongs in the trash.