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We’re dedicated to our mission here at CSWD, and we love contributing to the creative community of people that make Chittenden County a great place to live, work, and play. These are some of the faces you may see around CSWD, and a brief beginning to the stories behind them!

Amy Amy joined CSWD in 1991. She oversees human resource management, risk management coordination, property management, and general support services. She is incredibly thankful to have worked, and continues to work, with such an amazing group of people, both board and staff. Amy believes that CSWD employees truly rock! As a native Vermonter, she’s also pretty excited to live in such a beautiful spot, although she’d prefer summer was a few months longer. Since that’s not the case, she’s also pretty excited about traveling with her two kids. When she’s home she likes spending time with her amazing chocolate lab Finn.
Jen H has been with CSWD since 1991. She is responsible for the Materials Recovery Facility, hazardous waste program, and product stewardship programs. She is often found during the legislative session at the State House talking to legislators about product stewardship and other solid waste policy. In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, gardening and spending time with her three children and husband in their home in Hinesburg.
Jon joined CSWD in July of 2014, after 18 years in community development and urban planning. Jon supports CSWD by contributing a unique perspective and the ability to ask new and better questions regarding future planning and current operations. A native Vermonter, Jon enjoys the outdoors, thinks about building another guitar someday, and looks forward to making a positive contribution to his home state.
Lauren helps residents, community groups, property managers and landlords manage their waste, and is most interested in the first R of the 3: reduction. She is fascinated by the environmental, historical and sociological complexities of solid waste. Lauren will never tire of watching the heat rise from a large pile of compost or of consignment shopping.
Raeann joined CSWD as the Marketing Specialist in 2017. Originally from Upstate New York, she has since been able to travel to over 30 countries around the globe, from Zimbabwe to Cambodia to Argentina. She especially loves Vermont and all of the good food and outdoors that it provides.
Laura T grew up in Bennington but has lived in Chittenden County since 1990 and has worked with the District since 1994. She works in the finance department as the Accounting Specialist. In her spare time, she likes to cook with friends, attend the many cool events Vermont has to offer, read and keeps active with her daughter and rescue dog Tucker.
Michele has been with CSWD since 2009 and loves working with Chittenden County’s incredibly diverse businesses on all kinds of materials management goals and challenges. She spends her spare time running, biking, eating, and inventing home and garden projects with her wife and passionately debating the merits and pitfalls of recycling and composting at parties.
Nick has been with CSWD since 2007. After work he likes to hike and try to play tennis. He recently started collecting the Nintendo (NES) video games he grew up on (the nostalgia factor is huge).
Rhonda better known on the school circuit as Recycle Rhonda, came aboard the CSWD ship in 2014 as the School Outreach Coordinator. Whether she’s in the classroom jazzing students up about what goes in which bin or leading graduate students around the MRF, Rhonda is always enthusiastic to show others how to care for the Earth by practicing Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Rhonda can often be found outside observing nature and getting dirty, one reason she loves educating Vermont’s kiddos.
Robin grew up in Brattleboro, but has lived in Chittenden County (mostly Burlington, but now Colchester) since before we had blue bins. After many years as an amateur recycling nerd, Robin is thrilled to have turned pro. As the Event Outreach Coordinator, she helps event organizers and food-based businesses reduce their overall waste production and divert as much as possible into the recycling and food recovery or composting streams. She also runs the popular Waste Warrior program. She loves to hike, bike, and eat local food – but her cat prefers it when she sits by the fire reading or doing crossword puzzles.