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The Hinesburg Drop-Off Center is nearing completion!

Update 12/31/19

The end is in sight, and we can’t wait to open the gates on this new facility later this winter and celebrate with the Hinesburg community when the weather warms. Stewart Construction will be back in the spring to finish up a few details, but they’ve buttoned up their work for the winter. CSWD staff still has lots of work to do, though! Here’s what’s underway as of this writing:

  • Installation of compactors for “blue-bin” recycling and trash. These will reduce our trucking by at least a third compared to the roll-off boxes used at the old site!
  • Installation of storage and organization for certain Special Recycling items in the new pole barn: batteries, electronics, hard-cover books, fluorescent bulbs and other mercury-containing items, propane tanks, and clothing and textiles.
  • Positioning of food scrap containers.
  • Building a bunker for leaf and yard debris.
  • Signage for essential safety, directional, and information needs.
  • Installation of point-of-sale system. Stay tuned for exciting news about this coming soon!

Update 10/28/19

Drone’s eye view of the new Hinesburg Drop-Off Center as of 10.25.19

CSWD and the Town of Hinesburg signed a new five-year lease agreement, and Stewart Construction broke ground on October 1. Progress as of this posting includes the complete installation of all concrete foundations and a tip wall, which will enable our customers to have safe and easy access to trash and recyclables compactors.

If the weather cooperates, and barring any other unforeseen hitches, we are looking forward to reopening the CSWD Hinesburg Drop-Off Center by the new year! Watch this space and Front Porch Forum for more updates as the project progresses.

Update 9/27/19

On September 25th, the CSWD Board of Commissioners voted to allow CSWD Staff to contract with Stewart Construction of Essex Junction to construct the new Hinesburg Drop-Off Center for an amount not to exceed $430,000. Construction is contingent upon successful negotiation of the lease agreement with the Town of Hinesburg, a draft of which CSWD Executive Director Sarah Reeves sent to the Town on September 16. Hinesburg Town Administrator Renae Marshall attended the Board of Commissioners meeting and confirmed that this project has been approved by the Hinesburg Development Review Board and Select Board.

Acknowledging that the Town will be undergoing the Beecher Hill Brook floodplain restoration project adjacent to and concurrent with the Hinesburg Drop-Off Center construction project, Marshall further stated her confidence that, “we’ll have good communication going forward and we’ll be able to navigate the two construction projects.”

This puts us at Step 8, the final step in the process outlined in the sidebar to the right. CSWD staff has begun planning new signage and other communications techniques we will pilot at this location with the intent of making all CSWD DOCs as safe, efficient, effective and user-friendly as possible. We invite your suggestions!

Update 8/28/19

On August 19, CSWD Staff presented preliminary design plans to the Hinesburg Development Review Board (DRB). We will issue a Request for Bid for construction services on August 30, with bids due September 18. Pending internal review, we will present the selected bid to the CSWD Board of Commissioners at the September 25th meeting for approval.

Update 7/1/19

On June 26, CSWD Staff presented the Preliminary Engineer’s estimate for the New Hinesburg Drop-Off Center (DOC) and a schematic design of the proposed facility prepared by Lamoureux & Dickinson Engineers based upon existing survey conditions. The schematic design reflects direction from the CSWD Board of Commissioners to improve safety and the user experience at our Drop-Off Centers.

Features of this proposed new generation design scheme include a permanent special waste building instead of a sea container to increase usable space and enhance weather protection, some interior lighting to increase safety and usability on dark winter afternoons, and a concrete foundation for the booth to improve energy efficiency and enhance security from pests.

In addition, we have specified compactors–one each for trash and recycling—instead of roll-off containers. This is expected to reduce trucking by a third, decreasing costs, emissions, and wear-and-tear on the roadways.

The CSWD Board of Commissioners authorized Staff to issue a Request for Bid (RFB) for construction services, which Staff expects to issue August 30th.Staff expects to present the winning bid at the September 25th Board of Commissioners meeting.

Update 5/13/19

On May 1, we contracted with Lameroux & Dickinson Engineers for survey and design services. They have completed the survey and are preparing layout design options for our review.

By the end of May, we will have reviewed and selected a preferred layout that best serves customer and operational needs. At that time, Lameroux & Dickinson will proceed on the preliminary design and cost estimate in preparation for the CSWD June 26 Board of Commissioners meeting. If the Board approves the project, the second phase of the scope of work will include final design and construction documents.  The project should be ready for construction bidding in August.

The materials for all CSWD Board of Commissioners meetings are posted on our Board of Commissioners page one week before every meeting.  We invite the public to attend and provide comment at the June CSWD Board of Commissioners meeting. We encourage anyone who wishes to comment but is unable to attend the meeting to contact Lynn Gardner, the Hinesburg CSWD Commissioner, at 802-482-2579.  

Update 4/23/19

After a prolonged and unusually snowy winter, we are finally able to move ahead with the budgeted next steps for a re-sited Hinesburg Drop-Off Center (see “Step 4” in sidebar).

We received six proposals for site design services for the new Hinesburg Drop-Off Center and expect to negotiate a contract with the selected respondent by May 1, 2019.  The first phase of the scope of work includes an existing conditions survey, a preliminary design, and an Engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost. 

We expect to bring a preliminary design and cost estimate to the CSWD Board of Commissioners for approval at their June 26 meeting. If the Board approves the project, the second phase of the scope of work includes final design and construction documents.  The project should be ready for construction bidding in August.

The materials for all CSWD Board of Commissioners meetings are posted on our Board of Commissioners page one week before every meeting.  We invite the public to attend and provide comment at the June CSWD Board of Commissioners meeting. We encourage anyone who wishes to comment but is unable to attend the meeting to contact Lynn Gardner, the Hinesburg CSWD Commissioner, at 802-482-2579.  

Update 12/7/18

Recap: Public input meeting

On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, CSWD held a public input meeting at Hinesburg Town Hall to provide an update on the proposed CSWD Drop-Off Center (DOC) site on Beecher Hill Rd., and to gather input from local residents on preferences for services, scheduling, etc.

Residents of Hinesburg, Charlotte, and Huntington have clearly expressed their eagerness to see DOC service return, and our Board has expressed a strong interest in providing a DOC for the southern part of Chittenden County.

Because the usable area of the new Drop-Off Center site is smaller than the former site, it is unlikely that it can accommodate the same level of services as the previous location. CSWD’s Board of Commissioners and staff know that residents want a Drop-Off Center to return to Hinesburg as soon as possible. This meeting was to determine what services residents see as priorities, so staff can plan accordingly and present a realistic cost estimate to the Board.

Read the full recap

Update 10/19/18

CSWD invites public input on the Hinesburg Drop-Off Center

  • Date: Tuesday, November 13
  • Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Location: Hinesburg Town Hall

This interactive discussion session is an opportunity to share your own preferences for potential services at the Drop-Off Center in Hinesburg, and to learn more about the planning process, budget considerations, and site requirements that go into building a new facility. CSWD’s Executive Director and District Engineer will share photographs, aerial maps, and other media to aid the discussion.

All are welcome! There is no need to register for the event. Just come prepared to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the discussion.

 Update 8/1/18

On June 16th, the CSWD Board of Commissioners held a work session to discuss the current status, future needs, and overall strategy for CSWD Drop-Off Centers. During this session, the Board reaffirmed their commitment to providing essential waste management services to residents in the southern part of Chittenden County.

The Board also directed CSWD staff to gather and analyze data on all our Drop-Off Centers to inform current and future planning. We will complete this internal study by the end of 2018. Once complete, we will present the results to our Board along with a plan for the proposed Hinesburg site.

The Board will consider the level of service possible at the Beecher Hill site along with the estimated costs for providing that service. They will consider this in the context of an overall strategic plan for all CSWD Drop-Off Centers.

Here is the status of the site proposed by the Town of Hinesburg for a replacement CSWD Drop-Off Center as of August 1, 2018:

Old town garage buildings as seen from new parking lot.
Old town garage buildings, August 2018.
  1. The Town of Hinesburg needs to complete these agreed-upon site preparation tasks:
    1. Remove all existing garage and related structures (see photo);
    2. Construct storm water management system and pond;
    3. Grade proposed site to meet agreed upon specifications.
  2. Once the Town has finished grading the site, CSWD can have it surveyed. Surveying is the first step in determining placement, space and costs required to provide required—as well as any additional—DOC features. See STEP 2 in the sidebar.

Given the above considerations: If our Board approves the plan for the Hinesburg Drop-Off Center, we would expect to be ready to begin construction in the spring of 2019.

Update 3/14/18 

We understand that our members in Hinesburg and surrounding areas are eager to again enjoy the convenient, friendly Drop-Off Center service that CSWD has been providing since 1993.

We are heartened by the strong support voiced at the Hinesburg Town Meeting on March 5, 2018, for the Drop-Off Center to return. Because we value the relationships we have built with our Drop-Off Center patrons over 25 years of operating these locations, we want this process to be as thoughtful and transparent as possible.

We are pleased to see that construction of the Town Garage appears to be proceeding on schedule. Hinesburg’s Select Board estimated at Town Meeting that the new Garage will be complete in July 2018, with demolition of the old garage proceeding over the following month or two.

During this time, we are diligently pursuing the many steps we must follow to site any new facility (See Eight Steps to Siting a CSWD Drop-Off Center in the sidebar). We are currently working with our Board of Commissioners to formulate an overall long-term strategy for our next generation of Drop-Off Center investments.

This strategy will inform how CSWD proceeds over the next few years, most immediately concerning the two Drop-Off Centers that require re-siting: Burlington and Hinesburg. This topic is currently scheduled for discussion at our April 25 Board of Commissioners meeting.

While CSWD Drop-Off Centers may appear to be simple facilities, they require significant infrastructure that supports safe, efficient operation, and that meets an array of state and federal regulations governing solid waste facilities.

In addition, we are improving the efficiency and site operation at all Drop-Off Centers by installing compactors for trash and recycling. These compactors require “tip walls” to accommodate customer and truck access, which can reduce the amount of available space for customer queueing, parking, and for collection programs for other materials. An irregular plot shape and proximity to a busy road add to the engineering challenges on sites like the proposed Hinesburg location.

CSWD staff and Hinesburg’s CSWD Commissioner have been keeping our Board of Commissioners apprised of our work with the Hinesburg Select Board, as well as the desire of Hinesburg residents to see this facility return.

Our Board meetings are always open to the public, and we always welcome input from our members. Minutes of every meeting are posted on our Board of Commissioners page, and videos of every meeting are available on the Channel 17 website.

What should I do instead?

We encourage everyone to use the Williston Drop-Off Center [view map] for the following reasons:

  • It is open 6 days per week (Monday – Saturday from 8am – 3:30pm).
  • It is larger, designed to accommodate more people, and accepts a much greater variety of items, including furniture, wood, drywall, and more.
  • We have made recent improvements to the site, including a more efficient traffic pattern to reduce congestion during high-traffic hours, and compactors for trash and recycling that will make the facilities easier to use.
  • It has the lowest traffic of all of our Drop-Off Centers.

Other Drop-Off Centers

Aside from Hinesburg, we operate 6 Drop-Off Centers around Chittenden County. Please note in the list below, some drop-off centers are busier than others. The best way to improve your experience at any of our facilities? Visit our Williston location, or plan your visit during a weekday.

  • Williston
    Mon – Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 150-300
  • Richmond
    Tues 8am – 3:30pm, Thu 9:30am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 330-500
  • South Burlington
    Mon, Tue, Thu 8am – 3:30pm, Fri 9:30am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 460-575
  • Burlington
    Wed 9:30am – 5pm, Thu 8am – 3:30pm, Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 315-415
  • Essex
    Tue 9:30am – 5pm, Wed – Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 550-625
  • Milton
    Mon 9:30am – 5pm, Fri – Sat 8am – 3:30pm
    Saturday visitors: 350-530

All of our Drop-Off Centers are open to the public. Learn more on our main Drop-Off Centers page.

Curbside pickup

For those of you who wish to hire a licensed hauler for trash, recycling, and/or food scrap pickup, visit our page on Pickup Services for more information.

How can I get more information?

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