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COVID-19 Updates

Posted 3/27/2020; 8:23 a.m.

The Williston Drop-Off Center (WDOC) at 1492 Redmond Road is open for residential use. Due to staffing shortages, all other Drop-Off Centers and the Environmental Depot are closed until further notice.

All operational changes are temporary and may change at any time.

Williston is our largest and most centrally located facility and provides the best option for managing customers and materials as safely and efficiently as possible.

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. This could change at any time without notice.

*Fee beginning Saturday, March 28:
  • $10 per visit. No other fees apply during this time.
  • Checks or cash only. Checks must include the signer’s name, current address and phone number, payable to CSWD.
  • Exact cash appreciated.

ONLY these materials accepted at WDOC:

  • Household trash. Limit: 4 bags or barrels of any size.
  • Blue-bin recycling.
  • Food scraps. (No fee when taken to Green Mountain Compost.)

Accepted at Green Mountain Compost (GMC) at 1042 Redmond Rd. in Williston for NO FEE (Mon.-Sat. 8:00-4:00):

  • Leaves–loose or in paper yard and garden bags only.
  • Food scraps. No charge for residential quantities.
  • Starting Sat., 3/28, tree branches, twigs, and dimensional lumber that has never been painted, stained or treated.

*CSWD carefully considered the economic impact of the $10 per visit fee on our customers and decided to implement it to minimize exposure to our customers and staff.  This fee allows up to four bags or barrels of trash of any size for $10. Four of any size container would cost more than $10 under our normal rates, which are $2.75-$7.50 per bag or barrel depending on the size. This flat fee encourages our customers to consolidate their trips to get the best value and to minimize the risk of exposure for themselves and our employees.

We agree that hanging on to trash for too long can be a health hazard depending on the circumstances. Food waste is typically the most problematic material. To minimize the health risk, we encourage everyone to start managing their food scraps separately from their trash.

Please remember:

  • Visit Drop-Off Centers only when absolutely necessary.
  • To reduce exposure and prevent the spread of COVID-19, our staff cannot help you unload.

The Environmental Depot hazardous waste facility is closed until further notice. Call the CSWD Hotline at 802-872-8111 with questions. Businesses should call 802-865-4663 with hazardous waste questions.

CSWD has confirmed that private trash and recycling collection companies have capacity to add residential customers. See options at www.cswd.net/haulers. Burlington residents should check with the Burlington Public Works department for updates.

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Alise Certa
Alise Certa