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5 mouth-watering recipes to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers

Composting is a great option for kitchen trimmings, and food that has already spoiled. It reduces your impact on the landfill, and preserves the resources and nutrients for future use. But composting also takes resources and energy to create – including all of the energy, water, and fuel that went into growing and transporting the food in the first place!

So, what’s even better?

  • Buying only as much food as you need (don’t forget your shopping list!).
  • Storing your food properly so that it doesn’t spoil.
  • And eating leftovers before they spoil.

Thanksgiving is notorious for its prodigious leftovers. In this post, we give thanks for 5 popular recipes that will help you use up leftovers from common Thanksgiving foods!

5 Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

1. Thanksgiving leftover casserole

Leftovers used: Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, stuffing.


View the recipe

2. Potato croquettes

Leftovers used: Mashed potatoes.

A bowl of potato croquettes.View the recipe

3. Turkey Pot Pie

Leftovers used: Turkey, any vegetables.

Turkey pot pie in a baking dish.

View the recipe

4. Thanksgiving salad

Leftovers used: Turkey, ham, dried cranberries.

Bowl full of turkey salad.

View the recipe

5. Turkey avocado cranberry brie mashed potato waffle melts

Leftovers used: The name says it all.Waffle sandwiches on a wood table.

View the recipe

Want more?

Everyone from Martha Stewart to the Roasted Root can help you find creative ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers! Have a happy, waste-free holiday!

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