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CSWD talks food waste & recycling on VPR

Photo by Toby Talbot for VPR

Michele Morris, our Director of Outreach & Communications, sat down with Jane Lindholm at VPR (along with Josh Kelly from Vermont ANR) to talk about food scraps. By 2020, all food scraps in Vermont will be banned from the landfill by the Universal Recycling & Composting Law (Act 148).

Here are some highlights:

  • As of July 1, 2017, anyone who produces 18 tons of food scraps per year (that’s 2-3 carts per week) must keep food scraps out of the trash.
  • The requirement for trash haulers to offer food scrap pickup was pushed back to 2018. Josh explains why.
  • “Nothing is free.” Why CSWD Drop-Off Centers started charging a fee to drop of food scraps.
  • The growth of “community composting” across rural communities in Vermont.
  • “People are paying attention, and things are starting to shift.” – Josh Kelly
  • “What is the best solution for disposing of used kitty litter?” Michele Morris explains why we don’t recommend composting pet waste.
  • “If we stop throwing all this stuff out, we will need fewer facilities.” – Michele
There’s a lot more. Listen to the 35-minute interview here: Vt. Makes Final Push Toward Universal Composting And Recycling
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