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From time to time, CSWD considers amendments to its Solid Waste Management Ordinance.

Here are the steps followed to amend the Ordinance:

  1. The CSWD Board of Commissioners approves the draft amendment to be distributed for public comment.
  2. CSWD staff schedules a public hearing.
  3. CSWD issues a press release and posts a link to the draft on this page (see link above) to solicit public comment.  The draft will also be available at CSWD’s Administrative Office. We also mail a copy to the governing Board of each member municipality and other stakeholders.
  4. CSWD holds a pubic hearing.
  5. The CSWD Board considers public comments and adopts the Ordinance with or without changes.
  6. The Ordinance is posted in at least five conspicuous places within the District (Chittenden County).
  7. CSWD submits a summary of the Ordinance to be published in a newspaper circulating in Chittenden County within 14 days of adoption.
  8. If 5% or more of voters do not petition for a vote on the Ordinance within 44 days of adoption, the Ordinance goes into effect 60 days after adoption (or later if so specified).

The Board last approved amendments to the Ordinance on April 27, 2016.