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Drop-Off Center Fee Changes

Drop-Off Center fees for landfill-bound materials including household trash, construction and demolition waste, mattresses, and furniture will increase on July 1, 2019.

Fees as of July 1, 2019

Fees are based on common bag/container sizes. Containers between sizes are charged the higher fee; multiple bags are charged per bag.

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Mattress and furniture fees will increase $1.00 to $2.00 per item, depending on the size of the item.

The new fees will be posted on the Drop-Off Center Fees page and in specific A-Z List entries (such as mattresses) between June 28 and July 1.

Fee Beginning September 1, 2019

Drop-Off Center fees for landfill-bound items cover the costs of collecting and processing blue-bin recycling. Customers who are not bringing household trash will be charged:

  • $2.00 per trip for any amount of blue-bin recycling up to the one-cubic-yard limit

To ensure our fees are fair for everyone and we are transparent about the true costs of managing our community’s “waste”, as of September 1, CSWD will reinstate a fee for recyclables that are brought to a Drop-Off Center without any landfill-bound items. (We discontinued this fee in 2008.)

Because our fees for landfill-bound items have been calculated to include the costs of managing recyclables, customers who bring recyclables and landfill items at the same time are already covering their costs. Our records show that more than 90% of Drop-Off Center customers bring trash at every visit, so this “recycling-only” fee will affect less than 10% of customers.

The recycling-only fee will help us:

  • Cover the increasing costs of managing recyclables, and
  • Reduce environmental impacts and Drop-Off Center traffic by encouraging customers to make fewer trips.

Thanks for your patronage, and thanks for reducing the amount of trash, recyclables, and food scraps you create!

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Alise Certa
Alise Certa