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Green Up Day 2017 by the numbers

This year marked the 47th anniversary of Green Up Day, which began in April 1970 and continues today as a unique and iconic Vermont tradition. Green Up Day brings out thousands of volunteers throughout the state to remove litter and trash from our roadways, waterways and public places. This year Green Up Day took place on Saturday, May 6th.

Despite a the cool, damp weather, 2017 Green Up volunteer efforts in Chittenden County delivered a total of 54,000 pounds of litter, 1,887 tires, and half a cubic yard of scrap metal to CSWD and Casella facilities.

The continued annual support of Casella Waste Systems deserves special recognition as a generous and vital component of the success of Green Up Vermont, along with the continued and impressive efforts of local volunteer groups, town crews, corporate supporters, and more.

Green Up Day is coordinated state-wide by Green Up Vermont, a private non-profit organization. Funding for this organization comes from many sources including private businesses and individuals, and voluntary donations from towns and cities.

CSWD is pleased to support Green Up via donation of tire recycling costs and an annual donation to Green Up Vermont in the name of our member towns and cities. This year, CSWD contributed $4,050 to Green Up VT on behalf of its member municipalities for bags, posters, and promotion.

Green Up VT continues to beautifully demonstrate how a variety of people and communities coming together for a common goal really do make a difference. Thanks to you all!

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Marge Keough
Marge Keough
Community Outreach Coordinator at CSWD
Marge has been part of the CSWD Waste Reduction team since 1998, finding ways to share her love of conserving resources with the greater community in Chittenden County. Marge tries her best to abide by the Yankee ethic of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."