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How To Receive CSWD’s Ballot

Due to changes in Vermont’s election law, CSWD’s bond issue was not eligible for inclusion on the General Election ballot and the CSWD ballot could not be mailed to voters by the Secretary of State’s office nor by CSWD.

Chittenden County residents have three easy ways to get the CSWD ballot:

Option 1: Vote in person on Election Day (Nov. 8, 2022)

Option 2: Pick up or request a ballot from your Town Clerk’s or City Manager’s office.

Option 3: Request a mail-in ballot from the Vermont My Voter Page. Once you’ve signed in, click the line that says, “Click Here for Online Absentee Ballot Request.” On the next screen, check the box next to 11/08/22 – 2022 CSWD BOND VOTE.

That’s all it takes! If you still aren’t sure, call your Town Clerk’s office, give us a call or send your question using the form on our Contact Page.

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Jon Shenton
Jon Shenton