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The MRF gets new signage for tours

Collage of men installing schematic on the walls at the MRF.
In with the new!

If you’ve visited the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for a tour lately, you may have noticed some bright new signage in the tour education room. Over the last year, we’ve been working with a senior design class at Champlain College to update the walls with signage that illustrated the process, the machinery, and the people that sort materials. For many of the students, it was their very first time inside of a MRF!

The MRF is a recycling processing facility, owned by CSWD and operated by Casella, where literal tons of household & business recycling are processed every day.

It’s a fascinating feat of engineering: A building full of conveyors, whirring discs, walking paddles, glass smashers, and people working together to separate, sort, and ship to market the items we accept for recycling.

It’s no wonder that the public tours we offer fill up so quickly! A tour of the MRF is something of a rite of passage for many: A way to finally put their own actions into perspective, and realize that all of us, together, actually do make a difference.

Want to know more? Take a tour!
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