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February 18 is National Battery Day!

GAssorted batteries in a box for recyclingot a dead battery? Bring it to us for recycling!

We accept batteries all year ’round at CSWD, but Call2Recycle, the national battery recycling organization has dubbed Saturday, February 18 as National Battery Day to highlight the importance of recycling batteries.

Bring ’em in any time of year to any Drop-Off Centers or the Environmental Depot! There is no charge for dropping off consumer batteries.

The trash can is not an option for just about every type of battery—because many are banned from the landfill. The best option is to collect them all until you can fit a run to the Depot or a Drop-Off Center into your errands. If those locations don’t work for you, find another location anywhere in Vermont at Call2Recycle’s battery drop-off location finder.

Collection tip: When you’re storing batteries, you must tape the terminals—or contact points on the ends—on batteries hat are 9 volts and up. That means that, even though most of the power is gone from the battery, it can still spark a fire if the terminal comes in contact with that of another battery.

Learn more about battery disposal on the A-Z list.

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