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‘Tis the season to donate

The holiday season can leave us with a lot of things: warm memories, lots of leftovers, maybe few extra pounds, decorations to be taken down, and a whole lot of…stuff. The number of gifts that we accumulate over the holidays can sometimes feel a little overwhelming when it comes time to settle back in come January.

Plus, be honest: How many of you got a gift this year that you didn’t really like? If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. Turns out, most people don’t like at least one holiday gift, according to this survey reported on in Time Magazine. In fact, nearly three-quarters won’t like a gift they received this holiday season. So what do you do with those extra gifts that you may not really need or want?

Here in Chittenden County, we’re lucky enough to have dozens of local reuse organizations that make it easier to choose donation instead of trash. In the past decade, options for reuse and donation have grown dramatically. Not only are local brick-and-mortar stores growing, but the online options available to donate, swap, share or buy and sell used items are now ubiquitous.

Where to donate this year

Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Milton

Because of all the new donating options available both locally and online, we’ve recently updated our Reuse & Donation Options page. Check it out for a list of dozens of organizations in Chittenden County that accept donated items in a variety of categories. You can sort by categories like clothing, appliances, household goods, sporting goods and more. You can also see them organized by town within the county, and then get their phone number to call ahead. We recommend calling ahead to double check on items you have and what they may or may not accept.

While you’re at it…

As you are collecting those unwanted items to drop off, consider other items around your house that don’t get much use anymore. Gather up those items and find a new home for them all at once.

After all the chaos from the holidays, a good clean-out like this can feel like a welcome cleanse. And by donating these items, not only are you reducing what you send to the landfill, but you’re also helping local families in need.

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