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Want to earn $133 an hour? Make a shopping list.

A large pile of waste bread, fruits & vegetables.
Photo by The Guardian UK

Pssssssst! Wanna make $133 an hour?

Okay, follow my trigonometry here:

The average family of four wastes about $133 worth of food each month.

“Oh,” you might be saying, “that’s someone else. There’s no way I waste that much food! Now get back to telling me how to make $133 an hour!”

Think again. Even if you come in at half the average, that’s still a whopping $798 over the course of a year.

Good news! You can put that $133 back in your pocket—every month.

Here’s how: Make a list.

Spend just 15 minutes minutes each week planning meals that include ingredients that you already have knocking around your kitchen.

The good news: You can put that $133 back in your pocket—every month.

I know: It sounds way too easy. But there it is. Make a list. Check it against your pantry, your fridge, your collection of half-empty chip bags, your unused health-kick impulse buys.

While you’re at it, download our Save the Food fridge guide to learn how to store fruits & veggies so they last longer!

Save $133 by spending 15 minutes a week, simply being more aware of what you already have on hand.

Shop, prep, cook…and each week, put $33.25 in a dream jar, or transfer it to a special bank account.

After 4 weeks, Bada-BOOM! You’ve got an extra $133 to your name, for an hour’s worth of work—15 minutes at a time.



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