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For some hazardous leftovers, disposal options aren’t limited to the Environmental Depot

CSWD’s Environmental Depot is the place to bring your hazardous leftovers, but it might not always be the most convenient location, or open when you have time to bring them in. While our Drop-Off Centers in Chittenden County are not permitted to accept most hazardous materials, they can accept limited amounts of certain hazardous items:

Limits apply, so click on the links for more detail on each material.

What about paint?

Drop-Off Centers cannot accept paint, but there are local retailers all over the State of Vermont who can take it through Vermont’s PaintCare program. Just key in your zip code on the PaintCare website and it’ll pull up a list of nearby locations. Be sure to call them to verify hours and that they will accept the type of paint you have.

…how about batteries?

Yep, there’s a statewide program for them, too! Certain types of batteries are accepted at retailers through Call2Recycle/Vermont. Just type in your zip code and scope out who can take them near you. Call first! Verify their hours and that they will, indeed, accept the batteries you have.

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