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Household hazardous waste is lurking in your home

If you think your can of Raid! or your bottle of bleach are the only hazardous materials in your home, think again. Check out our lengthy list of hazardous household products—it might surprise you what’s on this list! You might see that you’ve got a lot on your hands that requires special handling for disposal.

What’s the best way to do away with hazardous products in your house?

The answer is: Don’t get them in the first place!

It’s easier done than said.

Yep! You read that right.

There are dozens of powerful products formulated with less toxic stuff available online and in supermarkets. The Environmental Working Group has done the homework for you to determine which brands offer safer products that still pack the punch you need.

Your garden shed, your bathroom, your workshop…even a smoking habit (unused nicotine patches, and sprays, and unused e-cigarette cartridges and refills) are typical places and aspects of your life where hazardous materials are lurking. Check out CSWD’s list of common household hazardous materials.

What to do with leftover hazardous waste

We accept household hazardous leftovers year-round at no charge from Chittenden County residents at the CSWD Environmental Depot. Fees apply for residents from other towns as well as businesses.

Meanwhile, the Depot’s Rover is currently meandering around Chittenden County, visiting each town once during the warm months. Check the Rover schedule here to see when it’s coming to your neck of the woods.

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