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Holiday Recycling Quiz Results

Ding, ding, ding! The results from last month’s holiday recycling quiz are in! And we must say, Chittenden County: Not too shabby…not too shabby at all. The average score came in at an impressive 83%!

You clearly know quite a bit about recycling! There were just a few common questions that tripped people up.

Most commonly missed questions

1. Empty whipped cream cans
52% didn’t know they could go in the blue bin.

Yes, it’s true: Non-hazardous aerosol cans (like whipped cream, shaving cream, and hairspray cans) can be recycled in your blue bin or cart, as long as they are EMPTY!

Cans that contained hazardous materials, like pesticides, spray paint & solvents, should be taken to the Environmental Depot or placed in the trash (if empty).

2. Broken plastic toys
33% thought they could go in the blue bin.

Broken toys are considered “durable” plastic items (like storage bins, or coffee makers). Durable plastics belong in the trash. The recycling bin is only for single-use plastic containers & packaging (like drink bottles, detergent jugs, and dairy tubs). Our Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF, for short) wasn’t designed to handle durable plastic items.

A string of Christmas lights on a wood floor.3. String lights
21% didn’t know they can be recycled outside of the bin.

Many people are surprised to learn that strings of lights are accepted as scrap metal at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers. There are copper wires inside those strings that can be harvested and recycled!

Small lights on that come on the string can be left on, but  larger screw-in bulbs should be removed (they belong in the trash).

4. Wrapping paper
19% didn’t know that most wrapping paper could be recycled.

Most wrapping paper (including tissue paper) is accepted for recycling.  The only ones that don’t are made of foil, Mylar, or have any type of coating. Those belong in the trash. (Better yet, avoid them entirely!)

How can you tell if paper is coated? Pinch the edge of the paper and pull it apart slightly. If you see a plastic or foil layer appear, then it’s trash.

Extra tip: Tape is OK to leave on, but remove ribbons and bows before tossing the paper in the bin.

Give it a whirl

Now that you have the lowdown, do you think you can beat the average of 8.31? Try your hand at the Holiday Recycling Quiz here.

If you loved taking the holiday recycling quiz last month, you are in luck. We had so much fun this time around, there may be another quiz coming out in the near future. Stay tuned!

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