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As of 2015, recycling containers must be paired with trash containers in publicly owned spaces.

Community events and programs

CSWD partners with local and state organizations to offer a variety of community programs that have an end goal of saving energy, reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint of a community–including the town offices!

Request a bin

Recycling has been mandatory for all residents, businesses and municipalities in Chittenden County since April 1993. To help households and businesses recycle everything possible, CSWD provides a limited number of recycling bins at no cost for households and businesses. Click here for more information on requesting a bin.

Recycling & composting bins can also be borrowed at no cost for events. Please visit the Borrow Bins for Events page for more information.

Best Practices

To make it easy for municipalities to comply with VT ACT 148: Universal Recycling & Composting Law, and CSWD’s Solid Waste Management Ordinance, CSWD offers suggested language which can be added to town/village/city permit applications for special events.

View sample contract language to fulfill CSWD requirements (PDF)

Community grant opportunities

Community Cleanup Fund

CSWD provides annual grants to communities in Chittenden County to clean up local problem areas. The grants may be used to pay for activities directly related to the clean up of solid waste such as disposal fees, container rental, transportation, and labor. Funds may also be used for the prevention of future disposal at the site through proper placement of signage and containers. The project must be deemed beneficial to the community at large. The municipality may choose to clean up sites located on either private or public property.

Visit the Community Cleanup Fund page for more details.

Waste reduction programs

CSWD offers thousands of dollars in grant funding annually to help Chittenden County communities keep more resources out of the landfill, and to meet State and CSWD requirements. To view examples of waste reduction projects funded, view the 2015 grant summary (PDF).

Recycling & Composting Container Grants

CSWD’s Ordinance and Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) require all publicly owned spaces to provide a recycling receptacle next to every publicly accessible trash receptacle.This requirement extends to private businesses and spaces on July 1, 2016. These container grants are intended to increase diversion of mandatory recyclables and compostables from the landfill, and help CSWD members comply with their legal responsibilities.
Visit the Recycling & Composting Container Grants page for details and how to apply.

Waste Reduction Project Grants

CSWD provides grants for projects that reduce or eliminate solid waste at its source, or increase diversion of mandatory recyclables and compostables from the landfill.
Visit the Waste Reduction Project Grants page for details and how to apply.

CSWD community program offerings

Community events

CSWD is happy to meet with your town or organization to help plan events that educate and inspire waste reduction at home, work and school. Examples of past events include community showings of the films Dirt! The MovieBag It, The Story of Stuff, Just Eat It!, and other films/events in partnership with local organizations or municipal groups.

SoilSaver backyard compost bin and Green Cone System sales

SoilSavers and Green Cones are available for purchase at Green Mountain Compost in Williston.

Town Meeting displays

Each year CSWD provides Chittenden County towns with an updated educational display and brochures highlighting CSWD waste reduction information and programs. These displays remain available for municipal offices to use year-round.