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CSWD to cut subsidy for 16-gallon recycling bins

Fee of $5 per bin in effect starting July 1st

After distributing almost 200,000 “free” recycling bins to residents, schools, and businesses in Chittenden County over the past 25 years, the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) has announced that beginning July 1, 2018, they will charge $5 each for 16-gallon recycling bins.

Bins by the numbers


Amount spent on recycling bins since 1993.


Number of curbside bins distributed to households in Chittenden County since 1993.


Number of recycling bins distributed to schools in Chittenden County since 1996.


Number of recycling bins distributed to businesses in Chittenden County since 2001.

CSWD instituted mandatory recycling in 1993, and has spent nearly $1 million providing bins to make recycling convenient, easy, and accessible. Since 2010, the District has additionally provided more than $235,000 in grant funding to enable hauling companies—including Burlington Department of Public Works—to transition to larger, more efficient wheeled recycling carts with weatherproof lids for their customers (Burlington now requires these carts for rental properties with six or more units).

In a move toward improving fiscal responsibility and attributing the costs more to the users of the bins, the CSWD Board of Commissioners and member town Selectboards approved a budget that removes most of the subsidy for the bins going forward.

Today, recycling is an integral part of life in our community, and is required across Vermont. CSWD will continue to leverage their purchasing power to provide recycling bins at a reasonable cost for those who need them. They will also continue to provide recycling decals at no charge for application on dumpsters and carts, and for those who choose to use alternative containers (there is no requirement that residents use CSWD bins in order to recycle).

Starting July 1st, 16-gallon recycling bins will be available for purchase at CSWD Drop-Off Centers at a minimally subsidized cost of $5, including tax. The limit of three bins per household will remain. CSWD will supply up to 25 smaller deskside recycling bins to businesses and institutions at no charge. Distribution of bins to businesses and institutions must be arranged through the CSWD Business, School or Community Outreach Coordinator.

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