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The Law

Act 175 went into effect on January 1, 2015.

Download Act 175 (PDF)


Commercial project – construction, renovation, or demolition of a commercial building or residential building with 2 or more residential units.
Architectural waste* – drywall, metal, asphalt shingles, clean wood, plywood, and oriented strand board (OSB).

*defined here for the purposes of Act 175 only.

Who it affects

People or businesses involved in a commercial project that meets all of the following criteria:

  • The project will produce at least 40 cubic yards of the architectural waste listed below (see What it covers)
  • The project is located within 20 miles of a facility that will recycle this material
  • The contract for the project was entered into after January 1, 2015

What it covers

Architectural waste (derived from the construction or demolition of buildings or structures):

  • drywall
  • metal*
  • asphalt shingles*
  • clean wood*
  • plywood*
  • oriented strand board (OSB)*
*These materials are already banned from landfill disposal by other statutes (for any volume). Please refer to the Construction & Demolition Debris page for more information.

How to comply

  •  Arrange for the transfer of the architectural waste to a certified facility that will recycle or find reuse options for the materials.
    (See the Construction & Demolition Debris page for acceptable facilities in Chittenden County.)