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Celebrating America Recycles Day, 11/15/2020

Here at the Chittenden Solid Waste District, we geek out on recycling.  As municipal solid waste managers, it’s literally our job to be the local experts on how our community can first reduce, then reuse, and finally manage all the stuff we buy, use, and toss out in the most environmentally and economically responsible manner.  

We’ve steered through all kinds of waters in our 33 years fulfilling that mission: smooth, choppy, and even downright stormy. Through recessions, global market contractions, and now a worldwide pandemic! It’s amazing that recycling continues to happen at all. 

But happen it does, and we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize that in this unprecedented time, when so many recycling programs are struggling, we remain steady at the helm. In large part that’s thanks to YOU, the passionate, dedicated Vermonters who make the effort to understand and care about what you buy and how all that stuff should be recycled and responsibly managed at the end of its life.  

Together, here’s some of what we’ve kept out of Vermont’s landfills* since 1993: 

  • More than 800,000 tons of everyday household “blue-bin” recyclables. That’s the weight equivalent of more than 1 million dairy cows!
  • Roughly 45,000 tons of “blue-bin” recyclables every year 
  • Nearly 6,000 tons of hazardous waste 
  • Approaching 100,000 tons of food waste, leaves, and yard debris we’ve turned into Green Mountain Compost soil amendments 

Together, we can do even better. Our staff, supported by our dedicated Board of Commissioners, is constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve our programs and processes to fulfill our mission.  

We’re excited about our work on product stewardship for single-use packaging, improvements underway at our Organics Diversion Facility (where Green Mountain Compost is made), and planning for the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) of the future, better equipped to sort and process the explosion of packaging that didn’t exist when our MRF was built, so even more tons of products and packaging can be recycled.  

So on this America Recycles Day, as we all struggle to keep our ships afloat and on course, we tip our caps to everyone we serve. We applaud our community’s efforts and invite everyone to find out more about what we do, and how you can help, by attending one of our amazing webinars and checking out these pages at www.cswd.net:  

For all kinds of waste reduction and reuse options, visit https://cswd.net/reduce-and-reuse/ 

For “blue-bin” and “special” recycling guidelines, see cswd.net/recycling/ 

To learn how to reduce food waste and manage your scraps see cswd.net/scrapfoodwaste/ 

For information on reducing and managing hazardous waste, visit https://cswd.net/hazardous-waste/ 

* Now down to just ONE landfill in Coventry, owned by Casella Waste, serving our state.  

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Michele Morris
Michele Morris
Director of Outreach & Communications at CSWD