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Renting? Here are some tips

moving-furniture-into-an-apartmentIf you’re renting a house or apartment in Chittenden County, here are some things you need to know about recycling (and waste in general):

  1. Recycling is what we do here in Vermont—It’s also the law.

    This recycling poster shows what should be recycled in your blue bin. CSWD provides posters, stickers, and other resources to help you and your housemates recycle more.

    Check out our Resource Request page to download or request a copy of any of our resources!

  2. Your landlord must provide recycling instructions when you move in—and once a year. If they provide trash collection services they must also provide recycling services (except where Burlington provides residential recycling pick up).
  3. Need a blue bin? Ask your landlord or property manager, or pick one up at one of 7 CSWD Drop-Off Centers around Chittenden County.
  4. If you’re living in Burlington, the city collects your recycling every week. Download the pickup schedule from the Department of Public Works, or ask your landlord for details.
  5. We have 7 CSWD Drop-Off Centers around Chittenden County, where you can bring your blue bin recyclables, food scraps, and more for free (and trash for a fee).
  6. If you want someone to pick it up for you, find a trash & recycling hauler that serves your area.
  7. By 2020, Vermont laws will require everyone to keep food waste out of the trash. Start now: You can drop off food scraps at any of our Drop-Off Centers, or start a backyard compost pile!

If you are a landlord and/or property manager, take the time to understand your responsibilities and learn about resources CSWD provides on the Landlords & Property Managers webpage.

In a nutshell, landlords and property managers are required by law to:

  • Provide instructions on proper waste management (including mandatory recyclables, special wastes, unregulated hazardous waste, and compostables) to new occupants—and to all residents at least once per year.
  • Collect recycling(or provide for collection) at least once a week if collection costs for trash are included in the occupants’ rent or fees.
  • Provide an equal number of containersfor mandatory recyclables if you provide trash containers available to the general public (excluding bathrooms).
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Marge Keough
Marge Keough
Community Outreach Coordinator at CSWD
Marge has been part of the CSWD Waste Reduction team since 1998, finding ways to share her love of conserving resources with the greater community in Chittenden County. Marge tries her best to abide by the Yankee ethic of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."