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We have a 2018 Recycle Rally winner!

Last year, CSWD held the first-ever Recycle Rally – a friendly inter-school competition that empowers students, raises awareness about resource recovery and conservation, and unites school communities around a common goal: Recycle right!

After a successful first year, Recycle Rally went on to see six schools compete in 2018 to see who could be the rock star recyclers of Chittenden County.

And the winner is…

C.P. Smith! Located in the new north end of Burlington, C.P. Smith worked hard to win this year’s Recycle Rally Trophy by receiving ALL 10 bonus points through sustainable policies, practices, and prompting others in the community to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

The 2nd and 4th graders that make up the Green Team, headed up by Mrs. Weishaar and Mrs. Brock, surveyed 80 trash and recycling bins to find that 81% of all recycling bins were correct. Way to go C.P. Smith!

High fives go out to Michael, Ava, Gavin, Sylvie, Simon, Tiffany, Abby, Kolby, Shayla, and Jadalyn for taking the time to survey and crunch numbers.  Also, a big thanks to Mrs. Weishaar and Mrs. Brock for being spectacular sustainability role models.

Sustainability ideas

Think you can emulate some of C.P. Smith’s greatest practices at your own school? Here’s some of what they have started doing with great success:

1. Extra snacks in classrooms are sent home with students and/or processed into tasty new items (i.e. cucumbers into pickles, apples into applesauce). Lunch time includes a robust share basket.

2. Leftover lunch is saved and served as dinner the following day for the afterschool program. Feed bellies first, then compost bins!

3. Mrs. Weishaar’s and Mr. Carne’s amazing second graders started collecting filmy plastic (like plastic grocery bags) earlier this year, so that it can be recycled through local grocery store collection sites. Since November, they’ve kept 146.2 pounds of this flimsy plastic out of the landfill!

4. Students, teachers and staff collect aluminum lids from juice and applesauce cups until they have enough to make a big aluminum ball. Remember, nothing smaller than 2 inches can be recycled in the blue bin, so once the foil balls are larger than 2 inches, in the blue bin they go.

Runners Up

Summit Street School

Though Summit Street School (SSS) in Essex came in a close second, their sustainability practices are top notch.  Not only does SSS collect food scraps in the cafeteria for composting, but most of the classrooms do so as well. Practically all classrooms have a reusable paper bin so both sides of the paper get used up before hitting the recycle bin.

The third graders, who did all of the surveying and number crunching, also went on to take the No Straw Challenge, a pledge to refuse straws at home, school, and when eating out. This not only reduces the amount of trash being created, it also saves the environment from ever-increasing plastic pollution. The Kindergartners took the No Straw Challenge in March and at last check-in, they are also rocking the challenge.  Keep up the most excellent work SSS; we are proud of your efforts.

Shelburne Community School

Also awarded Recycling Wizards accreditation, Shelburne Community School (SCS) was led into the Rally by a dedicated 3rd grader, Elsa Klein.  Elsa led the charge by kicking off the Rally with a day of school-wide education from Recycle Rhonda, who taught the kiddos what goes where and why it is important everyone sorts out their unwanted stuff. Then Elsa recruited her survey team, a slew of eager 1st graders who soon became recycling experts.

SCS goes above and beyond by collecting paper towels in each of their bathrooms for composting, thus reducing their trash amount AND creating fabulous food for the trees (a.k.a. compost).  Keep rockin’ the sustainability efforts in Shelburne; you are an inspiration to the community.


Think you’ve got what it takes to participate in next year’s Recycle Rally? Get all the details on our full Recycle Rally page.

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