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Welcome to the CSWD Swap Shop! 

The CSWD Swap Shop takes its inspiration from the Champlain College Swap Shop, as we seek to “provide  a welcoming forum for members of the CSWD community to donate, exchange, take home, or sell items”. In the form below, staff, friends and family of CSWD are invited to share items, services, goods or products they would like to sell, donate, or trade. These items might be goods, like excess cukes or a chest freezer; or they good be an exchange of services – yard work, language classes, or whatever you feel like sharing!

Our hope is that by organizing this swap shop, we can experiment, learn and talk more about reducing, reusing, buying local and within our community. Please note that all items are taken ‘as is’.

If you are interested in donating, selling or trading an item or service, please complete the following form. Once you submit your item, we’ll email you to confirm the information, get any pictures if you’d like to provide them, and share the item in the “CSWD Swap Shop: Items Available” sheet linked below the form.

Submit Items & Services to the CSWD Swap Shop 

CSWD Swap Shop

Thank you for your interest in selling, donating or trading an item or service with the CSWD Swap Shop. Please be aware that you are responsible for the item or service provided being safe, clean, and as matching your description as possible. CSWD Staff will contact you regarding your post, and will then share it for a period of two to three weeks. If you have questions about your post, please contact Becky at rjohnston@cswd.net, or by calling 872-8100 ext 234.
Please include 0.00 for free items.


Buy, Trade or Pick Up an Item From the CSWD Swap Shop! 

You can find a list of what items are currently available by clicking the button below. Items will be listed as “to purchase”, “to exchange”, or “free”. If a person is looking for help or a service, that will also be noted. We’ll also list a way to contact the seller or giver. Please note that all items purchased, exchanged, or taken via the Swap Shop are taken “as is”. If you have any questions, please contact Becky.

CSWD Swap Shop