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DOC Signage Report and PowerPoint Presentation

This report was put together by CCV student Courtney Hay who completed several projects for CSWD as part of the Field Experience requirement for her STEM Studies degree. Courtney also gave a brief presentation to attendees at the weekly Operations/Communications meeting.

Big thanks to all the DOC Operators who contributed suggestions and observations to Courtney during her interviews. You confirmed that we are heading in the right direction with our plans to emphasize color and symbols, simplify signs wherever possible, and make our messaging consistent across all DOCs. We also came away with lots of other great suggestions we’ll be applying in the future.

COVID sped up some of our signage plans—piloting different approaches on temporary signs printed on Coroplast, for example—and delayed others, but we are committed to moving forward. We need and appreciate your input, so if you have an idea that isn’t covered in the report and presentation, please pass it along to Alise (acerta@cswd.net) or Michele (mmorris@cswd.net) or the new Ideas Committee.

Next step: Applying what we’ve learned to a signage overhaul at the DOC in Williston (timing to be determined).