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Recycling iPhone app created by South Burlington students

A team of young Vermont students called the Green Mountain Gears presented their app at the 2016 FIRST Lego League Global Innovation Award, organized by X Prize. The app, called “Sorta Scrappy,” is no longer available for download.

This quick, cute game takes you on a journey along the waste stream, as the background progresses from your home to the transfer station to the landfill. Sort materials into their correct location (trash, recycling, compost) to win! Don’t miss the popup text boxes in between levels, delivering interesting facts about waste:

  • “28% of paper ends up in our trash that should be in the recycling…”
  • “…Chittenden County sends eleven 18-wheelers to the landfill every day…”
  • “…18.5% of landfill waste is food scraps.”

How to play:

Hold your phone sideways (i.e. landscape mode), and tilt it back and forth to move the trash can.

In Level 1, the only material falling from the sky is “trash,” represented by a translucent square resembling a plastic bag.

In Level 2, recycling is introduced in the form of a metal soup can (which has presumably already been rinsed clean!). Trash and recycling both fall from the sky – but don’t catch the recycling in the trash can, or you’ll lose points! Instead, use the trash can to push it to the right of the screen and into the recycling bin.

Level 3 introduces food scraps (an apple), which should be pushed to the left and into the compost bin.

In each level, putting a material into its correct place earns a point – get 3 points to win!

Well done, Green Mountain Gears!

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