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Drop-Off Center Fees

Credit Cards, Checks, & Cash Accepted

We Accept:

  • Cash
  • Checks with a current address and phone number
  • Credit/Debit Cards are accepted at all locations except the Burlington location – American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa
  • There is a 3% convenience fee for all credit card transactions to cover our costs.

Beginning January 9, 2024: Fees for construction and demolition materials are increasing.

Household Trash

AmountHousehold Trash (in bags or barrels)
Up to 13 gallons (small)$3.00
14 to 35 gallons (medium)$8.00
36 to 45 gallons (large)$11.00
46 to 65 gallons (extra large)$15.00
Cubic Yard$48.00

Blue-Bin Recycling

With Trash - up to 1 cubic yard*No Fee
Without Trash - up to 1 cubic yard*$2.00
*Additional fees apply for any amount over 1 cubic yard$5.00 per every CY over the initial 1 CY

Food Scraps – 30 gallon daily limit

With TrashNo fee
Without Trash$1.00 for each 5 gallon container

Special Recycling

Batteries, mercury bulbs, thermostats & thermometers, electronics, propane tanks up to 20 lbs., motor oil/filters, scrap metal …No Charge. For more details on specific items, please visit our A-Z list.

Construction & Demolition (Dense Material)

By Volume
up 13 gallons$6.00
14 - 35 gallons$16.00
36 - 45 gallons$22.00
46 - 64 gallons$30.00
Cubic Yard$96.00

Fees for Specific Items

For fees on specific items, please visit our A-Z list.