• CSWD receives hazardous waste management grant

    The Chittenden Solid Waste District has been awarded a grant worth $106,470 by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to help cover costs for providing facilities and education for the proper disposal of hazardous waste generated by residents and qualifying businesses. The grant is part of a solid waste assistance fund provided by the state to help towns and solid waste planning entities implement their solid waste plans, as…

  • The Rover begins its hazardous waste rounds in May

    The Rover is the mobile household hazardous waste collection unit that hibernates at the CSWD Environmental Depot, our year-round hazardous waste collection facility in South Burlington. During the summer, the Rover comes out of hibernation and makes its rounds, stopping once in each town and accepts household hazardous wastes from residents (material from businesses is not accepted at Rover events). The Rover accepts household hazardous wastes such as paints and stains, automotive fluids, hobby…

  • CSWD announces new recycling guidance on bottle caps

    Put caps back on bottles and jars before recycling It’s perhaps the most hotly debated “blue-bin” recycling question of the decade: Should you put the cap back on that bottle before you recycle it? Or does the cap go in the trash? The Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD), the municipality that oversees recycling in Chittenden County, is laying the debate to rest with updated instructions on preparing containers for recycling:…

  • This quiz will test your mastery of the compost pile

    Text over an image of hands emptying food scraps into a compost pile.

    Are you a whiz of the backyard compost pile? Do your friends call you with their composting questions? We’re about to find out what kind of composter you really are. This quiz will challenge your mastery of the compost pile!

  • The garage cleanout: A spring cleaning guide

    A well organized garage with a clean floor and equipment hanging on the walls.

    Since moving to Burlington last fall, I haven’t dared step foot inside the chaos that is currently my garage. We had a lot of stuff, and not everything fit in the house. So it went into the garage. And there it sat…until now. I’ve been procrastinating cleaning out my garage for a while now, because it just seems so overwhelming. It’s hard enough to remember everything that’s in my garage…


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Spring tours, workshops, and trainings

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  • TOUR: Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
    See in real time what happens to your blue bin recycling after it leaves your bin or cart! Learn about the recycling industry and watch this essential and fascinating step in “closing the loop.”
  • TOUR: Green Mountain Compost
    This multi-million dollar facility in Williston uses high-tech systems like real-time temperature monitoring and static aeration to turn our community’s food scraps and leaves into nutrient-rich soils.
  • WORKSHOP: Backyard composting
    These popular, interactive workshops teach you everything you need to know to start composting food scraps and leaves at home. Learn common pitfalls and mistakes that first-time composters make — and how to avoid them!
  • TRAINING: Waste Warriors
    The Waste Warriors are a team of trained community volunteers who attend events, festivals, and music concerts around Chittenden County to share their knowledge of recycling and composting with their friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

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