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Community Clean Up Fund


CSWD Finance Department

Each CSWD member community government is allocated an annual grant, based on the size of their population, for community cleanup and waste reduction or prevention projects. These projects involve the cleanup of solid waste at public or private property where the project is deemed beneficial to the community at large. Funds may be used for reimbursement of disposal, labor, container rental, and/or transportation costs associated with solid waste removal, prevention or reduction events.

To request funding for a project:


If you have a project that you think is eligible for this fund, contact your local Clean Up Fund representative, listed below by town.

Project guidelines

Funds may be used for any or all of three purposes:

  1. Cleanup projects
  2. Waste reduction events or projects
  3. Waste prevention events or projects

The member town/city’s CSWD Commissioner must approve the project. Details of the complete process and project qualifications are outlined in this document:

Community Clean Up Fund Complete Guidelines

Community Clean Up Fund contacts

Member townRepresentativeRepresentative's PhoneAlternate
BurlingtonLee Perry*802-316-7568Vacant
CharlotteKen Spencer802-338-2439Vacant
ColchesterLiz Hamlin-Volz802-318-8474Renae Marshall
EssexAlan Nye*802-879-7442Marguerite Ladd
City of Essex JunctionMike SullivanAmber Thibeault
HinesburgRichard McCraw†Vacant
HuntingtonRoman Livak802-434-2663Landel Cochran
JerichoLeslie Nulty†802-899-4582Thomas Joslin
MiltonHenry BongesVacant
RichmondLogan Hegg347-469-6621Vacant
ShelburneMargy WienerLee Krohn
South BurlingtonPaul Stabler†*802-862-9283Allison Lazarz
St. GeorgeHarry Bowen802-482-5272Sarah Tischler
UnderhillPaul Ruess*802-760-7730Dan Steinbauer
WestfordKatie Frederick802-881-3439Vacant
WillistonKelton Bogasky*508-439-0453Caylin McCamp
WinooskiBryn OakleafDr. Ron Stotyn