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Executive DirectorSarah Reeves(802) 872-8100 x209
Director of AdministrationAmy Jewell(802) 872-8100 x213
Director of FinanceNola Ricci(802) 872-8100
AccountantLaura Tomasi(802) 872-8100 x204
Director of Information SystemsJon Dorwart(802) 872-8100 x247
Accounting SpecialistJennifer Getty(802) 872-8100 x201
Administrative & Accounting AssistantToni LaRose(802) 872-8100

Outreach & Communications

Director of Outreach & CommunicationsMichele Morris(802) 872-8100 x237
Marketing & Communications ManagerAlise Certa(802) 872-8100 x246
Marketing Creative SpecialistJon Shenton(802) 872-8100
Business Outreach CoordinatorEthan Hausman(802) 872-8100 x208
Community Outreach CoordinatorVacant(802) 872-8100 x234
School Outreach CoordinatorRhonda Mace(802) 872-8100 x211
Event Outreach CoordinatorRobin Orr(802) 872-8100 x239

Special Projects

Director of Special ProjectsNancy Plunkett(802) 872-8100 x222

Waste Diversion

Director of Public Policy & CommunicationsJennifer Holliday(802) 872-8100 x223


Director of OperationsJosh Tyler(802) 872-8100 x210
Drop-Off Center ManagerLee Tuure(802) 872-8100 x212
Facilities Assistant/Richmond Drop-Off Center OperatorAmy McVey(802) 872-8100 x220
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - BurlingtonAnn Benner
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - Burlington & MiltonBob Toscano
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - EssexDave Kolok
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - EssexChristopher Bergeron
Drop-Off Center Operator Class I - EssexTodd Dutil
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - MiltonJames Barber
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - Milton & BurlingtonJared Blake
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - Richmond & WillistonChristine Sprout
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - South BurlingtonAli Nasab
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - South BurlingtonHunter Hard
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - WillistonDavid Hasson
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - WillistonNick Bennett
Drop-Off Center Operator Class II - South BurlingtonJudson Browning
Drop-Off Center Operator Class IIPeter Haselbacher
Drop-Off Center Operator Class IIKim Ianelli
Drop-Off Center Operator Class IIGerald Naas
Drop-Off Center Operator Class IIBob DiVenuti
Drop-Off Center Operator Class IICharlotte Barrowman

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste SupervisorGary Winnie(802) 863-0480
Hazardous Waste SpecialistDonny Curebanas(802) 863-0480
Hazardous Waste OperatorRobert Holman(802) 863-0480
Hazardous Waste OperatorJim Austin(802) 863-0480
Hazardous Waste OperatorJosh Costa(802) 863-0480
Hazardous Waste OperatorCharles Ashley(802) 863-0480

Green Mountain Compost

Director of Green Mountain CompostDan Goossen(802) 660-4949
Office & Production CoordinatorKim Stacey(802) 660-4949
Senior Equipment OperatorNorman Gordon
Heavy Equipment Operator, Maint Lead & Soils Production CoordinatorAndrew Propst
Office Sales & Production AssistantJack Tyndall


Director of ComplianceJoshua Estey(802) 872-8100 x241
Compliance SpecialistJeannine McCrumb(802) 872-8100 x242


Roll-off Truck Driver/CoordinatorRyan Cota
Maintenance Operator/Roll-off Truck DriverShane Morris
Maintenance Operator/ Roll-off Truck DriverJames Cameron
Maintenance Operator/ Roll-off Truck DriverJoe Poleio