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COVID-19 Updates

Posted 3/27/2020; 8:23 a.m. The Williston Drop-Off Center (WDOC) at 1492 Redmond…

The Event Recycling Quiz

An image showing strasw, napkins, cups and cutlery with the words "The Event Recycling Quiz"

These are common items at events – but whether you’re at home, work, school, or an event – the same rules apply. Which of these items go in the recycling, composting, or trash bin?

Drop-Off Center Fee Changes

Aerial photo of the Williston Drop-Off Center

Drop-Off Center fees for landfill-bound materials including household trash, construction and demolition…

This quiz will test your mastery of the compost pile

Text over an image of hands emptying food scraps into a compost pile.

Are you a whiz of the backyard compost pile? Do your friends call you with their composting questions? We’re about to find out what kind of composter you really are. This quiz will challenge your mastery of the compost pile!