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Unit-Based Pricing Form  

Unit Based Pricing (or “Pay-As-You-Throw”) went into effect statewide in July of 2015.  As the name implies, haulers are required to charge residents per unit of trash (weight, volume, or other) produced.  The intent is to incentivize recycling and composting, which will result in less trash disposal.

Haulers providing residential, curbside pickup are required to file their pricing system on or before May 1st of each year.  As an efficiency, we have rolled this reporting requirement into our Hauler’s licensing process.

If you need to report changes to your pricing structure, you can do so on the Unit Based Pricing Form.

License Application

A Hauler’s License is required for any person to collect, transfer, or transport solid waste, which includes trash, recycling and compostables, generated or delivered within the District. Please complete the application form below and return to us with appropriate fee.

Note: Haulers are required to provide us with a copy of a certificate of insurance indicating their company maintains liability insurance at or above the following levels: $100K per person and $300K per occurrence for personal injury or death, and $100K per occurrence for property damage.  CSWD must also be named as an additional insured on the policy.

Hauler License Application 

Apply online

Print application (PDF)

Ordinance Regulations for Licensed Haulers

Items Banned from Landfills
Information about the Banned Materials Fee is assessed, and more on the proper disposal or recycling for each banned item.

MRF Quality Control Policy
Learn more about the policies and procedures required for quality control at the CSWD Materials Recovery Facility.

CSWD Solid Waste Management Ordinance (PDF)
Read the full text of our ordinance, which is the governing document that regulates solid waste in the Chittenden Solid Waste District.


CSWD produces stickers and decals for display on bins, dumpsters, and containers for solid waste to clearly identify the items that belong and help the user make the appropriate decision.

A curbside compost pickup flyer is available and offers your customers information on how to correctly collect compostable food scraps and paper. It has been designed to enable you to stamp, sticker, etc. your company name on the back.

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