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Clothing & textiles

Disposal options

Donate locally: 

Please consider donating your clothing or textiles.

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Accepted at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers except Burlington: 

  • CSWD has partnered with Apparel Impact to accept clothing, certain textiles and other items.

  • PDF of acceptable items – Please Note:  Apparel Impact does not accept fabric scraps.

  • Please note: All items must be in bags no larger than 13 gallons (kitchen size). Larger bags will not fit into the containers.
  • Visit the Apparel Impact (formerly Helpsy) bin at our Drop-Off centers and place your items in the bins.

HELPSY clothing bin



No fee

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

All items should be delivered clean, dry, and odor free, in a closed, plastic bag.

The largest bag accepted is a 13-gallon kitchen bag.

We will accept up to one cubic yard per day (Roughly equal to fifteen small bags).