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Items Banned From Landfills

CSWD’s Ordinance (Section 4.13) requires that all residents and businesses separate the following items from their trash and manage them appropriately. For specific recycling or disposal options for each item, click on any item in the list below.

Banned Materials Fee

A Banned Materials Fee of $20 per ton (minimum fee of $60) will be assessed on loads dumped at transfer stations that contain any amount of hazardous waste, or 10% or more (by volume) of mandatory recyclables, yard trimmings, or certain other materials that have been banned from landfilling.

List of Banned Items

The landfill ban applies to all of the items on this page, with some restrictions. Click on any item in the list below for more information on how to properly dispose of or recycle it, including facilities & fees.

assorted examples of hazardous waste, including a paint can, a thermostat, and an oil can.
Examples of hazardous waste

Liquids & Hazardous Wastes

Dangerous Wastes

Mandatory Recyclables

Certain Electronics & Batteries

Including, but not limited to:

View the Electronics Recycling page for a full list of banned items.

Scrap Metal


A 2x4, yard debris, a log and a branch.

Clean Wood

Yard Debris

Large Appliances

Construction & Demolition Waste

These construction and demolition materials may be mixed together and taken to a CSWD Drop-Off Center (size limits apply) or to one of the two privately owned C&D recycling facilities in Chittenden County for recycling. Cardboard and other mandatory recyclables MUST NOT be mixed with these materials: