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Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Environmental Depot will be closed until further notice.

Questions? Call the CSWD Hotline at 802-872-8111. Businesses should call 802-865-4663.

Follow these safe storage tips for hazardous waste: Never put hazardous waste in the trash, the toilet, or down a drain. Store your materials in a dry, sheltered, ventilated area. Keep paint from freezing. Keep materials in their original or other clearly labeled containers.    Do not mix chemicals. Keep away from children and pets.

Location: 1011 Airport Parkway, South Burlington, VT 05403

What We Accept

The Environmental Depot accepts a wide variety of household hazardous waste as well as electronics (computers, TVs, etc.). Not all electronic items are free for recycling at the Environmental Depot. Please refer to our electronics page for information about Vermont’s e-waste disposal law and for fees and free electronics disposal options.

Hardened hazardous waste is still considered dangerous and should not be discarded as regular household or business trash.  Consult our A – Z list for information on specific items that must be managed as hazardous waste.

Please be prepared to leave the container at the Depot when you drop off hazardous waste. Due to the hazardous nature of the products we accept, it takes some time for us to process the materials in compliance with safety & health regulations. If you want to keep your container, you will need to leave it at the Depot and arrange to return and pick it up later.

What We Do Not Accept

The Depot does not accept mandatory recyclable material, trash, and some other hazardous materials. Please consult the A – Z list for proper disposal of:


For Chittenden County:

  • Residents: No charge for household quantities of accepted common hazardous waste items.  Fees may apply to specialty items and large quantities.
  • Businesses: Fees may apply, depending on the type of material. View Price List here.
    NOTE: Businesses must qualify as a Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) to use the Depot. Please call our business line to make an appointment.


  • Residents: The Depot accepts household hazardous waste from households outside of CSWD member towns for a fee. The fee depends entirely on what the household has and cannot be estimated over the phone. Out-of-District participants may drop off material during normal hours for households, unless they have a large quantity of waste to drop off (more than 50 containers or 55 gallons). Then please call us on the business line at 802-865-4663.
  • Businesses: CSWD does not accept business waste from outside the district, except for architectural paint, electronics covered in the E-cycles program, or mercury-containing bulbs. Please call before visiting to confirm volume limits. To prevent congestion and unnecessary trips, it is preferable for Out-of-District businesses to find a drop-off location locally for these items:
    • Mercury-containing bulbs: Contact your local Solid Waste Management Entity, or consult this list (PDF) for participating retailers throughout Vermont.

Payment forms accepted

We accept cash or checks only. Checks must contain a current name, address, and phone number.

The Rover mobile unit

The Depot’s mobile hazardous waste collection unit is called The Rover. It visits each town once a year between July and October. It collects materials from Chittenden County households only.

Local Color Paint

At the Depot, we also reblend high quality, leftover latex paint into Local Color, a premium-quality paint that meets Green Seal standards for environmental quality. Local Color comes in a variety of shades to choose from. Local Color is available for purchase at the Environmental Depot as well as at other retail locations.

Visit the Local Color page to see swatches, find out where to buy, or to learn more about Local Color