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Construction and Demolition (C&D) Materials

A great deal of C&D “waste” can actually be reused or recycled. Local and statewide law require that mandatory recyclables and some C&D materials must be reused or recycled instead of landfilled.

Legal Requirements

Landfill ban

In Chittenden County, the following C&D items are banned from the landfill, which means that they must not be mixed with landfill-bound waste (trash) in any container. These items and materials are banned from the trash because there are many reuse or recycling options available.

This is a list of C&D-related landfill-banned items only. For a full list of items that cannot be mixed with trash, including leftover paint, appliances and hazardous waste, see Items Banned from Landfills. Click on the links to see management options, fees and other details:

Vermont Act 175 mandates recycling of all of the materials listed above, plus drywall, for projects that meet certain criteria.

Anyone putting these items into a container with landfill-bound material is risking enforcement action. Violators are subject to fines up to $500 per incident.

Burning or burying construction waste is illegal due to the possibility of releasing toxins into the air and/or ground water.

Facilities for C&D materials

Donation & reuse

Local organizations accept donations of construction materials in good condition, and may pick up large quantities. See the Local Reuse & Donation Locations page for options.

C&D recycling and landfill options and fees

The CSWD Williston Drop-Off Center accepts all of the items listed above and is generally the best option for amounts smaller than a truckload for both recycling and landfill. Fees and quantity limits apply and vary by material; see each item link in the list above for specs.

For C&D or mixed C&D and trash loads larger than a cubic yard, see the Large Loads page for facility options and details.

Hazardous waste

CSWD Environmental Depot
By appointment only. Visit the linked page to make an appointment.
1011 Airport Pkwy, South Burlington, 05403
(802) 863-0480
(802) 865-4663 (line for businesses only)

For fees and requirements, see the Depot Price List.

General Contractors: Get the brochure

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