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CSWD's school outreach coordinator Rhonda MaceRhonda Mace, School Outreach Coordinator
802-872-8100 x211

CSWD provides a variety services to Chittenden County schools at no cost, including programs, activities, field trips, and technical assistance. In addition, CSWD services can also be tailored to your needs. Get in touch with the School Outreach Coordinator (see contact information above) to discuss your idea and see how we can serve you.

Rhonda with a group of kindergarten students at Hiawatha Elementary School

Programs & Activities

Choose from a number of different fun and interactive programs, ranging from “Trash Talkin’ & the 3 R’s” to “What Goes Where?” to “All About Paper” and much more. Many Next Generation Science and Common Core State Standards can be met through CSWD’s programs and activities.

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Field Trips

Mrs. Goetz’s 4th grade class from Champlain Elementary School in Burlington

CSWD facilities collect, process and manage thousands of tons of recyclables, compostables and trash every year. A tour of one or more of our facilities gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how we handle it all.

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Technical Assistance

CSWD provides an array of expertise, programs, and information to aid schools in improving their sustainability.

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