Blue Bin Recycling

In Chittenden County, blue bin recyclables are banned from landfill disposal and are required to be recycled. We operate a single-stream (also called all-in-one, co-mingled, no-sort or Zero-Sort®) recycling system, which means that the following items can be placed together in the same bin for curbside pickup by a private hauler or drop-off at CSWD Drop-Off Centers:

Plastic containers

& packaging

Plastic bottles, containers and packaging
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& cardboard

Envelopes, paper, boxboard, cardboard, and an egg carton

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Metal cans

& foil

An assortment of metal cans, a metal jar lid, and a ball of aluminum foil

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Glass bottles

& jars

An assortment of glass bottles & jars
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What happens next

Most blue bin recyclables in the county go through the CSWD Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where they are separated and processed for resale through a combination of high-tech machinery and human sorters. Although the materials do not need to be pre-sorted, they do need to be clean, dry, and prepared for efficient processing at the MRF.

What doesn’t belong in recycling

Of course, not everything belongs in your blue bin. If it’s not one of the above items, don’t put it in your recycling bin. These are some common items that we can’t take:

  • No Styrofoam why?
  • No plastic bags why?
  • No paper cups (e.g. coffee cups, soda cups, etc.) why?
  • No milk/juice cartons (i.e. “gable-top” packaging) why?
  • No stuck-on food—even if the item is recyclable why?

Recycle: It’s the law

State law requires all of us to keep mandatory recyclables out of the trash. It also requires us to recycle right. That means to keep recyclables clean and dry, and to keep contamination out of the recycling bin.

Recycling requirements & resources for: Businesses | Landlords | Schools | Events

Recycling Programs for Other Items

CSWD operates recycling programs for some items that don’t belong in your recycling bin. We collect these items at our CSWD Drop-Off Centers and some other facilities. Please don’t put any of these items in your recycling bin.

Click on an item below to view recycling options, facilities, and any fees that may apply.



Clothing & textiles


Fluorescent bulbs

Food waste

Latex paint

Plastic bags

Propane tanks

Scrap metal


Yard debris

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